Huel Halava aka Huelava

30g original or vanilla Huel
30g tahini
10-15g liquid sweetener such as maple or date syrup

Just mix it all together and enjoy the unique pleasure that is huelava.

Optional extras

5-10g cocoa powder
Your favourite Huel flavouring
Finely chopped nuts
Peanut powder
Whatever your heart desires.


I’m not sure if that is said with tongue in cheek, but it could be a winner.

Slightly tongue in cheek as halava has a slightly unusual texture, especially if you’re not used to it. Huelva takes it one step further, but in all sincerity I really recommend it. I’m trying to get off my mug cake addiction and this is a big help. I especially like it with cocoa, and have also tried it with huel mocha boost and some my protein mocha flav drops. Both were good. Matcha flavour boost in a plain mug cake is also lovely. But I’m trying to forget about mug cakes. Also am trialling a blatant disregard for the old tradition of capitalising proper nouns. Feeling rebellious today.


Yes it does have an unusual texture, and if you get the amount of Tahini wrong it can be bitter…or at least I find it to be.

as soon as I track down some tahini, I’m going to have to give this a try

Tahini is brilliant with honey. I’m going to have to try this recipe! I make my own Tahini. Just toast a bunch of sesame seeds in a pan till they are golden, then blend with a little oil (I use sesame). I like it much more than the ones I can buy.


I might have to try this, esp if you say it’s nicer than shop bought. What blender do you have?

I think last time I used the food processor goblet of a Braun stick blender, though I also have a Revel Wet ‘n’ Dry spice grinder (which doesn’t hold a lot but is very efficient.) Here’s a recipe:


Just mixed up a minute batch (because I know myself!) and it’s good! The Huel breaks up the tahini so it doesn’t stick to the roof of the mouth (a small amount of honey mixed into tahini also breaks it up). I used Maple flavdrops and it was nice but I think I’d rather just have that tiny bit of honey. Oh, and added cacao powder is great. I’ll try ground walnuts, or (my favourite) hazelnuts, next time. Talk about a healthy snack! Tahini is a good source of calcium too.


I’m really glad you liked it. It’s so great to find delicious treats that are not terribly unhealthy. Let me know if you come up with any other good flavour combos. I was wondering about coconut.

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I just made up some more (with honey - you really need very, very little). I reckon you could make pretty good little energy balls with just those ingredients, as the mix has a pretty good consistency. Of course I ate it all - this may be the beginning of a slippery slope for me… :blush:


Maybe toasted coconut…