Huel Hot & Savoury - Too Salty?

Bought 4 bags, Thai Green Curry, Madras, Mexican Chilli & Mac & Cheeze. I like them all, even the Mac n cheeze which I was sceptical about but I’ve found them so salty, especially the Mac n Cheeze, that I’ve had to stop eating it. It’s got 1.6g of salt per portion which is quite high.

Anyone else find this? It’s such a shame because I find them tasty & really handy for work.

H&S are definitely more of an occasional bit of variety/comfort food rather than an every meal item. Their nutritional information recommendations says to have them only for 1-2 meals per day.

Hey Lisa, welcome to the forum! I understand where you’re coming from, especially if you don’t add any salt to your food.

For most people the salt is in line with what their taste buds expect and helps to enhance the flavour.

If it helps, Tomato and Herb and Korma have lower salt contents.