Huel + Instant Coffee?

1 scoop of Huel,
1 packet of instant coffe,
1/2 scoop of protein.

Try this out! It hit my macros and instantly changes the flavour!

Personally think that Huel tackles my macros and micros. Was experimenting with different flavours and just grabbed whatever was within my reach.

With Huel as the core and the base of the mix, protein was a no brained, my protein is from Redcon1. It was a mistake of mine getting MRE Lite from Redcon1 as it was incredibly sweet. Way too sweet for my liking. Thus, adding half a scoop to dilute in this concoction was the goal I was looking for. And last but not least, the instant coffee! Well, to be frank, I was lacking in good coffee at home and only had instant coffee left on the counter, so that was what I resorted to.

The outcome:
The mix was a mash up blend of artificial sweetening from Redcon1 protein and a cheap coffee flavour from my instant coffee which I got from Japan Disneyland gift shop. Yeah, there’s Mickey Mouse magic in my drink!

But, all in all. It’s so much better than drinking instant coffee or the protein all by itself. What I could have done better tho is to drink it cold. Had mine mildly cold.

If you were needing more protein why not just use Huel Black? just curious.