Huel OG Mince Pie Figgy Freakshake

Christmas Madness - literally (probably) the unhealthiest and tastiest thing I’ve eaten in a while – the sugar rush gave me a bit of headache, but it was totally worth it.


  • 1 mince pie
  • 2 fresh figs
  • 100g Huel Original
  • 400ml water
  • Brandysnaps
  • Honey and Fig ice cream

I blended the Huel and water on high then added the figs and half of the mince pie – blending on low speed to chop rather than liquefy.

Pour the mixture into a drink jar and top with crushed brandysnaps. Scoop on plenty of ice cream and decorate with the remaining half of the pie and a whole brandysnap.


Although it is not something for me, I’d like to say well done. It looks like it took a lot of effort to test the ingredients, ratios, and method of preparation.

The presentation is stunning too, you’re a pro!

‘Several Mince Pies Were Demolished in the Making of This Shake’ literally and digestively :thinking: Honestly, I figured that Freakshakes are pretty much a case of excessively throw it all in and hope for the best – which is pretty much what I did. I think because they were all complimentary flavours, it naturally worked out well.

That being said, at 1240 kcal and 87g of sugars (:open_mouth:) – I wouldn’t recommend it as anything other than a one off treat. Still, it compares well to a McDonalds thick shake of the same serving size where you’d be looking at 1100 kcal and 135g of sugar without tasting anywhere near as good.

Thanks! - Amazing what you can do repurposing your Christmas tree and door decorations. Several baubles also bit the bullet setting this up – damned things are way, way too fragile…

Hahha I enjoyed this! Love me a mince pie - RIP Mince Pie flavour Huel. Very jealous of anyone who has some.

This looks delicious though! Nice to see Huel joining in with the festive cheer!

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