Huel on the go. Sainsburys basics. Holds 3 scoops with ease

Seen posts previously about how to transport powder about. Thought these were quite handy and cheap as chips. Bought from sainsburys. Think there were 5 or 6 in a stack. I know they’re transparent but figured I’d make do for all the time they are exposed to light outside my bag.

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Worth keeping in they are. Good shout.

I tried to look for them on the Sainsbury’s website. This is the closest I could find.

They’re 140ml and 8.5 x 8.5 x 5.3cm.

Is that the same size as the ones in your pictures?

It reminds me of the 3 removable compartments included in the Core150 shaker.
Look at them:

See them in action here:

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Ah yes. Thanks.

I see that those are 250ml and the 100g of Huel is a little over half way up, so perhaps the 140ml ones might be a better fit. I’ll see if my local Sainsbury’s has them.

Trying a different tact.

4000 ml for storage and 1250 ml for travel.

I have exactly the same combo waiting for me at home :slightly_smiling:

Have you tried them yet? Wondering how much will fit in the 1250ml.

Only just arrived. The bag fits perfectly in the big tub with room to spare so pretty chuffed. Not tried the wee one yet.
I’ll go play and feedback.

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I don’t mind storing the large quantities in the supplied bag. I like the idea of tiny boxes that hold just enough powder for one serving.

17 of my rough scoops with room left for scoop itself.
Weight 524g of powder.

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Cool, will be useful for travelling.

I actually ordered two 4000ml tubs so think I’ll leave one in work with a shaker so I don’t even need to bother taking anything in each day :grinning:

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