Huel plus 5:2


I am someone who has varied quite a bit in weight depending on habits and exercise. I run regularly for periods and then stop completely, normally based around some running target event. Ive recently started running for its own sake rather than for a specific target and want to couple that with some weight loss. I have varied from 14.5 stone to 16 stone over the last 5/6 years, and want to get down to below 14.5, and ideally to 14 stone.

I started 5:2 dieting about three weeks ago, using huel to be strict on the 600 calorie days. I also replace my lunch with 400 calorie huel on a few other days during the week.

I was 15 stone 2 pounds on the 1st August. I havent weighed myslef mutch but most receent weigh in was 14 stone, 9 lb on 4th September.

I will try and do biweekly weight ins and hope i can keep the scale ticking down.

Weigh in after a fast day (so cheating) this morning and it was 14 stone 7.4. Hope to get that figure after a normal day.

1/8 15 stone 2 pounds
8/9 14 stone 7.4. (post fast)

Got the courage to weigh myself after a badly behaved weekend. At least it is below 15! Goal is for a Monday morning to be 14.7

1/8 15 stone 2 pounds
8/9 14 stone 7.4 (post fast)
14/9 14 stone 13.5