Huel Ready-to-drink is here …

6 months sounds long enough to me! Although I did have some bars that went a bit past it… still ate them but they really put the “before” in best before

That’s interesting, would that be by adding preservatives? Just wondering if the usual crowd would then kick off about that as well. You guys can’t win!

We are adding but one ingredient to increase the shelf-life: confidence! We’re doing accelerated and real-time shelf-life trials on the vitamins and minerals and making sure they are still meeting desired levels at points beyond 6 months. When we’re sure they are, we’ll increase the shelf-life.

We’ve actually been running tests on trials that we ran months ago so we know we’re good on the 6 months.

I know some of the competitors are all about speed to market, but I need to feel confident in my product.


The tortoise and the hare in action


I think you (Huel) need congratulating, I have read the full write up on the RTD, and although it is not for me, I can see how it would work for others.

Well done.


Thanks for the reply. These are made in Austria though according to the page. If I understand correctly you are shipping all of them to UK and shipping solely from there. Hopefully in the future you will have more warehouses to distribute the RTD and can cut down the cost.

I love Huel and will keep consuming the powder but for my RTD needs I’ll look elsewhere. I will order a trial though just to see what I will be missing :slight_smile:

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Here is what I have read:

Where is Huel Ready-to-drink manufactured?

Huel Ready-to-drink is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in USA.


EU site


I bought 48 bottles, lets see how it goes…

#BetaTesterModeON if I die, my belongings have to be send to WWF


Ah I am looking on UK page. Thanks.

Wait what, you’re manufacturing in the states and then shipping it 4,000 miles to the UK!? That’s insane. You couldn’t find anywhere closer to handle manufacture @Tim_Huel, surely that’s a typo or something?


Really disappointed by that. I was mostly fine with the explanation about buying ingredients internationally when they were available in the UK, but this I just don’t get at all - together they really damage the credibility around the minimum impact on the environment you claim to aim for in the Huel mission statement


I think RTD could be a really good option for convenience, especially if it were possible to get it in stores as well.
One sandwich at my college is £2.75, for what generally isn’t a balanced meal, meanwhile I could put a few bottles of RTD in my car, which would leave me food for college at all times. (I realise that I could have powder in my car but that would also require a clean shaker which would be easy to forget) It would also be handy for the winter months when you are advised to keep supplies in the car or for long car journeys where regular Huel may be inconvenient due to there being nowhere to stop.
What i would like to see is those of us who order the powder to be able to add one of each to our order, that would hopefully help with the shipping issue but allow us to try them out.

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Austria for Europe tho.

That’s not what it says on the page @hunzas.

That makes no sense unless they are preparing for Brexit. #noonetoldusthis

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EU site claims Austria like I posted above.

it’s the UK one I’m more confused about. Austria makes sense for EU, after all, it’s in the EU. But UK page says America. That’d be even more ridiculous if there’s Austrian production.

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Ah, OK…you are right. Bizarre.

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Yep. I’m all team Huel, but no one can deny shipping a product which is what, 75% water? Across that distance isn’t a waste of fuel, storage and emissions. It does kind of go against the ethos.


And the price… It should be even cheaper than powdered huel.

With one bag you can make 42 bottles, prices could be definitely lower

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