Huel Ready-to-drink is here …


Jeeezus Christina! I can’t belive you buy anything from anyone who uses DPD if that’s even remotely close to being true.


Its unfortunately totally true… and I’m not even exaggerating :frowning: they are really terrible where I live. I don’t use DPD ever anymore, if I have a choice. I make an exception for Huel, because there isn’t a choice, and I want my Huel! But to make sure I don’t get too stressed about it, I make sure I re-order when I still have about 2 bags left so factoring in time for my parcel to get to scotland and back, cornwall and back, norfolk and back, and eventually possibly to me about 2 weeks later…
Luckily, so far with Huel, all parcels have actually eventually turned up! But I’ve stopped using them for literally everything else I buy. Yodel is actually the best in my area, despite their bad reputation in other areas, because my local delivery driver lives round the corner from me so simply texts me and asks when I’d like him to pop over :grin:


Yodel used to be rubbish here but i have a really good driver now. She is always friendly and if I am not in will leave it somewhere safe…i dont have a registered safe place. Then drop a note saying where the safle place is. Another local yodel driver actually had their van nicked while out on delivery…and it had loads of parcels on board.


Jeeeeeez that is a real bummer. I sincerely hope (but suspect he did) he didn’t have to bear the cost of all the parcels… :sob:


DPD have been absolutely sound with every delivery I have ever had from them until this one. According to the website it’s still being delivered today. The chat bot’s use was exceeded after saying anything other than “dude, wheres my parcel?”.

I believe the current etiquette in this situation is to create a new thread demanding Huel rain down untold amounts of fire and fury on DPD while equally insisting a replacement parcel is dispatched instantly to be delivered by a genie on a magic carpet or I will refuse to buy Huel ever again. Or I could just wait until tomorrow.


OK, that’s officially your funniest post EVER.


To be honest John I probably have been a little inaccurate with how isolated your home is. I have updated the pictured with some more detail.


That’s just overtaken your last post to be your funniest post ever. What has happened to you? Will it last?

Best thing about it is that Morrisons have launched a new vegan pizza today… @Wendy_Shepherd may be interested.


Morrisons have launched a new vegan pizza today… @Wendy_Shepherd may be interested.

Not if it’s wrapped in plastic…


[quote=“ChristinaT, post:210, topic:11044”]
Not if it’s wrapped in plastic…
[/quote]The plastic is the most tasty bit I expect.


You know me better than I know myself!

Actually, truth be told, I’m a complete hypocrite, a good vegan pizza could be wrapped in an entire year’s supply of plastic and have destroyed all the remaining rain forests in the world, and I wouldn’t think twice!

Iceland have recently launched 2 vegan pizzas - a hummus one and a “garden” one. I bought them the day before my paycut was announced, luckily for me, and was surprised that I actually prefer the garden one. Too much hummus on the other one. The garden one is lovely, despite having a lot of broccoli on it, the taste is actually great. The base is good and the tomatoes are nice, and somehow the whole thing just works :slight_smile:


Hey Gareth, massively sorry for the issues here. Pick up shops can refuse deliveries for a number of reasons but we don’t think in your case they should. It should be out for delivery today. But I know you’re in touch with our CS team who are trying to get to the bottom of this and get your parcel to you ASAP.

We absolutely don’t choose DPD because they’re cheap, they aren’t, we choose them because after trialling others they were the best. I absolutely agree though that in this instance they have been rubbish, so we’re really sorry about that and are doing all we can to sort it out for you.

The order is out for delivery and has a delivery slot of 15:57-16:57. We were also informed incorrectly by the depot that it was due the weight of the order. It was actually because due to increased orders over the Christmas period the pick-up shop was full so the parcel was rejected. If you send future orders to a pick-up shop it would reach you.

@Coup sorry for your problems with delivery too, if it isn’t delivered today then do reach out to the CS team. Also well done on being funny, it only took 2 and a half years…:wink:

Also, @hunzas and @ChristinaT what is going on with your formatting? I can run a workshop on how to quote people on discourse if you like?!


Hey! No shaming on the forum please. @hunzas is a particularly sensitive soul, and his delicate feelings are easily hurt.


I’m gonna flounce…


I find quoting people is pretty hit-and-miss - sometimes it works, sometimes not. Sometimes even my emojis get turned to text. Haven’t figured it out yet. Possibly because I do everything in my phone in Safari.


Couldn’t agree more


You are such a flump.


Thx very much


It did make me chuckle, so thank you :slightly_smiling_face: