Huel Ready-to-drink price


I came on the site today to price out the Huel Ready-to-drink meals to check their viability for my PCT hiking trip next year. However, I was greeted with “Huel Ready-to-drink will be back soon.” and “Temporarily out of stock” instead of prices. Would it be possible to have the price still available for people trying to budget out-of-stock Huel products into future expenses? Also how much are they…

Thank you.

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Shows as able to buy.

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Could be the OP is in USA. It is out of stock there. Maybe the poster needs to ask on US forum.

Sorry I didn’t notice a different until just now. I will post it there.

Powder is going to be more calorie dense by weight, so you might want to think about taking that with you rather than RTD.

This was actually my original plan. However, I’m concerned about the viability of cleaning out the shaker bottle after every use with a limited water supply.

Here you have the prices for the RTDs

taken from here. I wrote it a while back so the prices might be slightly outdated.