Huel Recipe eBook

Got the email with the new Huel Cook Book. Some nice stuff in there. Would be nice to see a higher quality version as the photographs are pretty low res and someone obviously put a lot of love and attention into producing them.


Thank you, glad you like it!

Dash - the lady who created the recipes and took the photos - has most likely edited the photos a bit so perhaps this reduced the resolution. The files I received were about 500kb. They have been put in at the highest quality they could be.

Which recipe do you think you will try? Julian and I had a bake off with the Oat and Raisin cookies this weekend. Julian won though, I obviously let him win though.

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Making pancakes for me and the boys - blow the diet with a little maple on top too. Might try the bread after that, though with no use of yeast it might be a little heavy :slight_smile:

Perhaps it’s the viewer doing the lack of quality but it’s pretty severe, I’d say about 20% JPEG and the file is only 6.2 Meg - Tim has obviously compressed it down for distribution. Perhaps an alternate link for the full glorious version?

Pancakes sound great! Gulliver and Sacha are taking on the bread next week for us in the office. We will let you know how it goes!

I haven’t compressed the files at all, unfortunately. I used what I was sent which were JPEGs of 400-600kb, I will have a chat with the designer that put it all together and see whether there is anything we can do!

The recipes all look & sound great to me. Photos are fine on my phone too. I’d say that the majority of recipes don’t use much Huel though, around 40-60g, whereas I like to use at least 100g for a meal

?? Am I not on some emailing list I should be on?? :disappointed_relieved:

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@Tubby_Graver Feel free to add a bit more! Especially to the smoothies. It’s more about just having a bit of fun with your Huel.

@FiFiMac signup to our newsletter and you will give sent a recipe book in return!

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done! :grinning: