Huel seperating in fridge overnight

I’ve been using Huel for over 6 months now and I’ve always made 2 bottles of it (125 gms, 550 ml of water) late in the night (say 11:00 pm) using my 2 shakers and put it in the fridge overnight for breakfast and lunch the next day, which is well within the use-by 24 hours mark.

On my latest bag of Huel, which i bought about 10 days ago, I’ve noticed that huel seperates a bit when left overnight in the fridge. There’s maybe 1-2 cm of water at the top of the bottle whenever I take it out of the fridge. Shaking it up again does remedy that, but I’ve also noticed that the consistency of the drink seems much thicker than usual. With the proportions i use, left overnight, the consistency is usually thick but still flows pretty well. Now, it feels like a more semi-solid consistency when i drink it. There are loads more lumps than usual as well.

I’ve tried using more water (Gone up to 600 ml) and still have the issue with seperating and consistency. I’m confident i’ve not changed anything in my routine personally. The only difference i can think of is that the UK weather is much hotter, and i doubt that’s causing these issues.

Was there any change in the overall formula? Or is there something I must be doing wrong and am being completely oblivious to it?

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Huel powder forms a suspension not a true solution so it’s always going to come out of suspension eventually (starting from the moment you stop mixing it).

As to formula change…have a browse around the forum as the recent change (in May) has led to a lot of posts about the new texture and thickness!