Huel shaker | Should huel make a shaker that fits in a cupholder

The new shaker is great! Design and how it performs.really good.

But it does not fit a cup holder.

  • Yes, Shaker that fits a cupholder
  • No, size is fine

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From what Tim has said previously, there is no standard cup holder size, so making a shaker to fit all cup holders is not possible.

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Two shakers one cupholder. Sounds like a dodgy video on that there internet.


Well I kind of agree in as much that US cup sizes vary wildly but in the UK most cars have at least one full size UK cup size, the problem might come up that some are recessed or at an angle to which a huel cup would protrude too much and hit a centre console or be unsteady so I kinda get it but equally we all like it when your cup isn’t rattling about on a passenger seat, noone wants a huel covered seat (imagine trying to clean or explain that) but the new shakers seem pretty tight on tolerance so I reckon they would hold up, I just won’t be the one to test that theory :joy:

this is true - but there are many inexpensive third party adapters available that fit into cup holders to firmly hold in place larger or smaller bottles if the cup holder isn’t one of those snazzy new ones with its own adjustable holding devices - or just head to your local DIY store/Amazon to get some self adhesive magnetic discs if your cup holder is too large.

There is no universal cup size so this is impossible unless the shaker is tiny.

We called several car manufacturers and they don’t even have the same size cup in different cars from the same manufacturer.

The only solution is to use an adaptor. Which we have looked into but the priority at the time was the shaker which unbelievably took 3 years from start to finish.

Now it’s launched we will take a breath and do our normal approach and refine it and consider an adaptor again.


I guess you could start with Starbucks cups. Never had an issue with fitting any of those in any cars :slight_smile:

You don’t have to get your hand inside a starbucks cup to clean it.


fair enough :slight_smile:

The obvious solution here is that Huel need to make a car.


two models, and they are only available in white and black, respectively.

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Finally a serious idea. Now we’re talking. It would come fitted with a cup holder adaptor as standard but the cup holder is inside a mini fridge in the centre console/arm rest. Room for a few RTD as well as your Huel shaker.




Maybe it should have square wheels so that it shakes your Huel as you drive.



Perfect. Not such a mad idea was it.

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I would prefer Sqrounded wheels