Car cup holder compatible shaker?


New Huel-er here & loving the new vanilla v2.3

I like to have my Huel for breakfast on the way to work but I noticed yesterday that the Huel shaker does not fit my car cup holder. (It should have been advertised properly, in my opinion…). I need to instead place it on my passenger seat but the shaker moves/sloshes all around.

Does anyone have any alternative recommendations which has all the same features of the current shaker (ice mesh, sturdy build, leak proof cap at top, translucent so you can see through, holds 700ml etc) but also fits a standard car cup holder?

Many thanks

Hey Aravind, sorry your shaker doesn’t fit in your car cup holder. Unfortunately there are no universal car cup holder sizes so it would be difficult to find/make a shaker that both universally fitted every car in the world but also wasn’t so small that you couldn’t adequately blend Huel. We also wouldn’t want to encourage people to have their Huel whilst they are driving as it could be dangerous.

The shakers are in equal parts perfect and not ideal for different reasons. We would love to have our own shaker, we tried over a year ago to do this but many prototypes later we just simply didn’t have a solution that was better than our current shaker. Sorry about that. When we have more time, this will sure be a project we look into further.

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This is important. It’s for us people that don’t fit in…The Heuligans.

And if you don’t watch Better Call Saul…well you really should.

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