Huel single serving totes

I’m a taxi driver. And when I’m out working long hours it is tempting to just pull through a drive thru and indulge in comforting junk food. Thank goodness for Huel because now I just shake up a meal in seconds, drink it in minutes, and be back on the road earning my living.

But how best to store it in my cab? I found taking a whole bag with me to be impractical and messy. Ziplock baggies work but can be clumsy and messy to deal with. And most Tupperware comes in either 4oz or 16oz varieties. Too small or too big for single serving.

Fortunately I happened uppon these 8oz sealable take &toss bowls by Tomy in the baby section. They are perfect for a single serving of Huel, even with flavor powder added, and they fit nicely with the Huel mixer bottle cap to funnel the mix cleanly into the shaker bottle.

Also I’ve been experimenting with different mixes of flavors and find the chocolate and banana flavor powders to complement each other very nicely.


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Could also mix it before you leave for your shift? Some kind of vacuum flask of insulated storage bag to keep it cool?

The vacuum flasks are too big for my door cup holders (which are the only ones down and out of sight from passengers) or don’t hold enough liquid for a full serving. And I take multiple single servings with me because I work long hours. Sometimes I am away from home for 16 hours at a stretch. I prefer to mix it fresh instead of risking it spoiling by mixing it and leaving it sit for hours and hours in my Prius.

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I use Sistema TO GO Portion Pods (210 ml) and EasiYo Lunch takers (250 ml). Sistema do other containers like TO GO Snack ‘n’ Nest which are handy for smaller and larger amounts.