Huel to support my Lifestyle

Hello everyone.
My name is Davide and I am a full-time Fitness Coach. My days are full and with close commitments. I chose Huel to have a ready, fast and more important nutritionally balanced snack to support my energies through gym lessons and workouts. I chose the black edition and I love its chocolatey taste and the feeling of energy it gave me in the following hours.


good stuff man

i love huel black chocolate too bruv

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Huel black ftw! (Pref. With mocha powder or instant coffee!) :laughing:

Thanks so much for the message, it’s great to have you on the Huel Team! And welcome to the forum too. That must be intense as a fitness instructor and I imagine you end up with very little time to have your own food - between classes and PT sessions and your own exercise regime.

Do we have any other fitness coaches/instructors? How do you manage your schedule and keep yourself fit while keeping everyone else fit?!

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I’m glade to be on the team. I chose Huel to find a healthy (usually the snack) and fast meal between my personal workouts and PT sessions. Now it’s only a few days that I use the products but I feel really good with the sensations and taste of the shake