Huel unflavoured onion Bhajis

Chop and fry 1 onion in olive oil til golden.
Add a teaspoonful of curry powder for the last minute (heat turned down).
Turn out into a bowl containing 2 scoops of huel and salt to taste
Add enough water to make a doughy consistency
Form into 3 balls (which you’ll flatten)
Cook in a sandwich toaster


Did you mean two onions, i.e. One onion per scoop of huel? Was going to do that anyway- the bhajis were too huel-dough like if I’m honest. I’ve bought bags of the unflavoured and must find something to do with it…

I had curry for tea tonight, these would have been great!

I wonder if falafels could be made the same way.

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I’m sure I’ve seen a recipe for falafel Huel around here but I can’t find it now with a quick search, soz.

[edit] Hmm: now gives a page not found error :frowning:

Thanks, Micheal. Looks like it’s time to (culinary) science the shit out of this then :slight_smile:

Ideally need to find a way to do it without deep frying them “the traditional way”, I have the aforementioned Forman Grill - Other sandwich toasters are available - so that’s ‘Plan A’.

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Sorry about that Michael. We are moving the recipes from the blog to our cooking page. It’ll be done soon, but for now here is a screenshot of the recipe to which you are referring:

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