Huel withdrawal symptoms

I’ve been on Huel for about three months, usually for breakfast and lunch (but sometimes for supper if I’m travelling).

On Sunday I went away from home for four days with work - and forgot to take my Huel with me! :o

By Monday afternoon I was as limp as a dishcloth, lying on my bed, unable to find the strength to get up. It was the deepest mid-afternoon energy slump I’d ever experienced.

Did I always feel this lethargic before Huel or was my body rebelling against me?

Luckily I’m back home now and on the Huel again and all my strength has returned! :slight_smile:

What was your diet like during the 4 day period? I wonder if it was more of a good nutrition withdrawal than a Huel withdrawal, so to speak :slightly_smiling_face:

It was ok. The ususl mix of sandwiches, weetabix and the occasional snack that I had in the days before the Huelsome one arrived!

It wouldn’t be unexpected to have a slump in energy, just normal reversal of the benefits of a complete nutrition I guess.
However, did you by any chance cut down on coffee during those days as well?
Asking because I’ve myself been through coffee withdrawal a few weeks ago and experienced similar symptoms (plus a 2-day long headache).

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