Huel Yoghurt?

Hey everyone!

I had this thought and wondered what everybody else on here might think, if Huel were to bring out yoghurt?? Might be a bit out there and too similar to RTD though in any case, feel free to share your opinions! :grin::v:t2:


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I am loving the amount of new product suggestions coming in over the weekend! What has got into all you Hueligans, got some creative flair in the kitchen over the weekend and have come up with a lot of ideas!

I honestly have no idea how a yoghurt would work :laughing: would it just be a fortified yoghurt? Perhaps like an oat-yoghurt, with similar macros to black edition and all the vits and mins too. Easy surely? :eyes:

Consider your suggestion passed onto the team!

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Legend! Well the idea came when I saw the Oatly Yoghurt so what you said is pretty much the idea I had! :eyes: A nutritionally complete yoghurt :ok_hand:t2:

Most other non-dairy based yoghurts like soya for example just really don’t hit the standards I’d like to see in terms of macros, vits and mins. :green_apple::banana::strawberry::kiwi_fruit:

Just some more ideas that fed off from a post on the Huel IG account @Tim_Huel !

Regarding the nutritionally complete yoghurt you could;

[ * ] Add it to the Hot and Savoury but as an Oat based breakfast (not like porridge, just better)

Huel Black Edition
[ 2 ] Additional Black edition flavours. Adding flavours that already exist such as Berry and/or O.G.:heart_eyes: + taking ideas from the flavour boost section for example Peanut Butter.

The above is in reference to the screenshot and as of course these are just speculative ideas! :eyes::v:t2: