Huelling to the top of Ben Nevis


I’ve just found out I’m going on an all expenses paid trip to Scotland to climb Ben Nevis! :mountain: :running_woman:

I’ve been doing training walks and climbs over the last couple of months, all fuelled by a breakfast of Huel UU plus raw cacao for breakfast, Huel Berry RTD and Huel choc-orange bars fuelling my walk, and another UU shake for post-walk recovery, then an evening meal.

I’ll be taking Huel Berry RTD and some bars up that mountain with me in 3 weeks time.

I’m so excited and happy :blush: :laughing:
Woohoo !

I know it’s only a mountain but I’ve not been this excited about anything in years :rofl:



How exciting! Good luck @ChristinaT What do you mean ‘it’s only a mountain?’ :open_mouth:
My son has just done it. He’s already climbed Snowdon and Scafell so wanted to have a go at Ben Nevis. I’m really chuffed for him :grin:


I’m just throwing myself in at the deep end :laughing::laughing::laughing::grin:
I’ve never done Snowden or Scaffels Pike (everyone else selected have done these already)
In fact I’ve never climbed any mountains I don’t think ! Just lots of valleys :joy: and swam in some waterfalls and clambered over rocks on the beach.

I dunno I just feel silly getting so excited but I’m honestly bouncing up n down like a spaniel puppy going for it’s first walk of the day :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Not silly at all. Go for it! How many of you are going?

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@bee Fifty people in total but we’ll be divided into three groups depending on walking speed


Post a picture with your huel from the top :stuck_out_tongue:

@Blobbymatt I may well have drunk it before I get to the top lol !
It’ll be snow up there so not the best place to stop for lunch :laughing: :mountain_snow: :snowflake: :cold_face:


Disappointment :confused: Anyway, good luck

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You could still take a photo of the bottle. Who’s to know it’s empty? :wink:

@Bee this is very true !

One Huel Berry RTD selfie on top of a snowy mountain coming up !


She’ll have probably chucked it in the hedge* along with all the KFC and McD. wrappers. It’s what I do when I go on hikes. A bit of free advertising for Huel.

*are there any hedges on Ben Nevis? Someone can probably enlighten me.

Where are people buying McDs on a mountain?? I need to know because although I’m vegan I might actually start craving a big mac n fries by the time I’m 4000ft up.

Do people really chuck their rubbish in a beautiful place like that? :sob:

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Sadly, some people will chuck rubbish anywhere. You would think though, that anyone who committed to climbing a high mountain would have a bit more sense.
EDIT Having said that, perhaps not, I just read @hunzas post :thinking:

Now I’m thinking I’m going to need to add an extra rucksack to my kit list just for other people’s rubbish :woman_facepalming:t3:
If anyone in my group chucks even so much as a tissue I’m going to make them eat it


It’s the same on Snowdon loads of rubbish left there, what gets me is idiots going up in poor footwear like sandals.And they twist there ankle and the air ambulance has to keep going out to get them.

Anyway I came across this,

Yes and the wrong clothing too. I think anyone who wears inappropriate gear and has to be rescued should have to pay for the privelege.


Here is another one I just seen regarding a woman who allegedly twisted her knee and wanting rescuing but apparently didn’t have any signs of any injuries and was wearing t-shirts and shorts. The emergency services where busy with more serious accidents and said this one was a waste of time,

I totally agree with you @Bee they should pay up

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What about this woman then who let her child go in the sea on a lilo and an air ambulance had to be flown out for the rescue.
Once they reached the child on the lilo, they put a hole in it to stop it drifting them further into danger, and lifted the child to safety.

The mother then invoiced the RNLI for the £7 lilo !!!

Words fail me.
Not ‘thanks for saving my kid and I’m so sorry for being stupid enough to put them into mortal danger’, but “you damaged my lilo”
:woman_facepalming:t3: :roll_eyes::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::exploding_head: