I drink Huel for a month: First day into my experiment


I have decided to experiment with Huel for a month and document everything in between in this topic:

  1. sleep time + quality :sleeping:
  2. concentration
  3. energy level
  4. memory performance
  5. start and end weight
  6. my psychology :relaxed:

I’m currently 3 days in my experiment, with a detailed plan of how the variables will be measured and analyzed! I’m super excited about this since it sounds too good to be true for me. After all, everyone wants more time and a better diet, right?

A bit about my health profile:
Age: 23
Height: 161 cm (5’'4)
Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
Activity Level: Moderately active (exercise 2-3 times a week: swimming, running, rope skipping)
Previous diet: I eat about 4-5 fruits/vegetables per day (citrus, banana, pear, etc), I snack healthily (mostly nuts, beef jerky and dried fruits). For mains I usually have pasta/rice with a rich Italian/Indian source made with olive oil. For breakfast I usually have eggs and avocado on toasts. I don’t smoke. I drink on social occasions so not too often. On top of that I drink green tea on a regular basis instead of coffee.

My calculation shows that in order to maintain my current weight, I need approximately 1540 calories per day, equals to 9.8 scoops of Huel powder. Therefore I’m planning to have 3 scoops in the morning, 3 scoops for lunch and 3 scoops for dinner. I will still drink plenty of water and green tea (my favorite thing to do before getting productive at work :slightly_smiling: so I’m not eliminating green tea completely!)

I have documented my first impression of Huel here.

Looking forward to hear what you guys think! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: