I’m running 100km tomorrow powered by Huel

Tomorrow I’m running 100km to raise funds for a few charities that I support.
Depending on pace it will be somewhere between 10’000 and 14’000 calories.
It can’t all be Huel so I also have Kendal Mint Cake with me.
If anyone feels generous please donate a few pennies here: Fundraiser by Lee Jones : LJJNR 100km in a day

Just sat waiting for the train to London now.


How much Huel will you be consuming and when? Interesting stuff. Good luck!!!

How did it go? Hope you’ve had fun :slight_smile:

00:45 - Arrive at an Air B&B. What a terrifying experience.

05:00 - Wake up and walk to Bishops Park.

07:30 - Start time.

5km - Blimey I’ve done that a bit too fast, better slow down so I don’t blow up.

10km - Did that 5km faster, what a moron.

14km - run past two tiny first aiders trying to carry an even tinier older lady suffering from the heat.

14km and 10 steps - Say ‘god dammit’ out loud and turn around to help. Carry the tiny woman 2.5km to the first rest stop.

18km - A yoot on an electric bike hits me, I stumble awkwardly and really hurt the knee that I’ve been nursing for months.

18-100km - Limp, mumble and cry every time I put weight on my left foot. Occasionally use bad words as I climb and descend stairs and bridges.

100km - Woman On Finish Line ‘oh dear, have you hurt your leg?’ Me ‘no I’m in a gang’.


Congrats! How was the Huel/KMC diet?

Fair play dude well done.

Not quite in the same league as a 100km, but my only experience of event running was a half marathon where some twat running in the event but on the opposite side of the road to me saw a jelly baby stop on my side at the last moment, ran across diagonally and then immediately stopped and in trying to avoid a full speed crash into him I jarred one of my knees. I then had to limp the last 3 miles and only just made it. Not done another one since!

I forgot to pack my KMC which I was fqing devastated by as I was looking forward to that for weeks.
Huel I had 6 servings in total as well as food provided by the event.
Fuel wasn’t a problem but it was pretty tough physically.

Ah, was hoping for a report on Huel as a sports endurance diet. Didn’t realise you had other food provided for most of your calories. I imagine the organisers know what’s required, that must be a big help…

WELL… as it’s more endurance than speed there’s no magic food, it’s just fruit, sweets, sandwiches and spaghetti and electrolyte drinks, coffee and water.

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Well done, that’s quite the achievement. My distance so far has been the half-mary; you have my admiration for finishing a race despite such adversity. It would have been an ordeal without any!