I was Wrong

i was wrong.

i put water in first
then huel
then more water on top.

i tried it the huel way after 15months and it works sooo much better.

took only 15 seconds to mixxx!!!

so if anyone is as stoopid as me:

water (500ml more or less)
huel on top


mix Easily for fifteen seconds.

i feel so stoopid and Rong.


Hi @matt009, I’m sure we’ve all mixed wrongly at some point. I use a nutri bullet as I’ve not got the strength to shake properly in my advanced years. I’ve on occassion pulled the bag out the cupboard and accidentally put the huel in first then water. Even with the blender that way does not mix good either and it sticks to the sides.
I’ve also got my huel from the fridge and given it a shake to find the lid was not on correctly. What a mess.
You just have to laugh about it and think we are not all perfect. :yum::blush:


as long as you don’t put huel in first then water…

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water-huel-water works great for me when I’m slumming it with just a shaker.

The key for me is to always (and I mean always) remember to put the lid on properly.

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i feel so dumb

ive also learned two scoops huel accounts for 50ml extra to the liquid when mixed.

Matt dont be so silly, worse things happen. At least you no now. You’ve probably just misread the instructions or just mixed it like you would other drinks. When I make my fruit shakes I always added the liquid last so easy mistake to make. :exploding_head:

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