I'm using Huel as fuel for intense cardio. No problems so far

So 5 nights a week I go boxing, usually for 1 - 2 hours depending on how many sessions are running that night.

I’m also having to drop 5kgs of weight for an upcoming fight; I’ve decided to use Huel as my method to do this. I’m currently eating 2000 - 2250cals a day to lose weight and it’s purely all from Huel.

It’s been 8 days so far and I’m feeling fine, my performance during classes hasn’t been effected as far as I’m aware and I’m feeling increased satiety from meals. After a meal of Huel I’m bloated and I feel full for a good 3 - 4 hours (sometimes longer).

I’m usually having 3 scoops of Huel mixed with 550ml of water.

The big thing I’m really enjoyable about using Huel is the satiety; in the past I struggled to drop down to a lean bodyweight because I struggled to feel full unless I had HUGE portions of veggies for Fiber. With Huel I’m not having that problem at all due to the Fiber in the drink, it’s making weight loss really easy.


Best of luck in the fight, Tinks. I’d be interested to hear a follow up and even a weight increase experience with Huel.

All the best

I’ll report back with my weight loss progress at the end; it’s all been good so far to be honest though.

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