Improvements to Huel Daily Greens

Hi @Soyboy - I hear you. But, as a vegan, I’d better the amount of fibre you get from DG is a tiny percantage of your total. Also, relative to RDA* the choline reduction of 18mg is tiny. Iron? a slightly more valid criticism as 1mg pd can be signifcant for some vegans

*there isn’t actually an RDA for choline in the UK/EU, but I’m going off the very valid US 550mg pd here


The manner in which you respond is not productive and you are launching personal attacks on people whose opinions do not match your own, and citing a conspiracy is ludicrous.
Also, please take this as a friendly piece of advice as you seem a bit highly strung. - .I can recommend a meditative app called Calm which may be of benefit to you. I’ll leave it at that.

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  • What’s not productive is unnecessary hyperbolic, inflammatory responses over things that had absolutely zero factors in the purpose of a product.
  • The personal critique is a response to a clearly organised effort to create drama over things that had absolutely zero factors in your purchasing decision.
  • All chill here my friend! I’m not the one signing up to complain, instantly recommend another brand’s product for double the price and get all up in arms over getting less tapioca in my now better-tasting greens powder.

:joy: if you say so…

It’s still called UK Original =( I was hoping for a release in the EU (Germany at least)
Hopefully in the near future.

One question though: du you recommend taking DG in combination with oil or some other source of fats for vitamin absorption?

This still makes me chuckle. :laughing:

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Doubt it. Needs Tom or whatever the fella’s name was, to crack the whip and keep order around here. Place has gone to shite recently. I’m cancelling my subscription and writing to my MP and the daily mail


Same email address these days isn’t it.


Not for long!

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Hi @JamesCollier,

As a new customer in the last few weeks, I appreciate this new product will continue to evolve. However, I’m disappointed to hear about the new changes - it may no longer be suitable as a ‘green’ product.

In your response below you state that the reduction of Choline is tiny. However it is a 80% reduction, and the Iron is also a 75% reduction. I believe Chlorella and Spirulina - the two main ingredients in this product are the main sources of these, this would seem to imply that the new product has a material reduction in the main key ingredients and now has maybe only a quarter of these ingredients it used to have. Is this correct?

I appreciate you may not want to disclose the full formula and ingredients. However, given this is such a material change in the two main ingredients - some further disclosure about how much Chorella and Sprinulina are in the product would be helpful. This will enable consumers to decide if it meets their needs.

In addition, please consider stevia (if you absolutely must use a sweetener in there at all!). It is a healthier choice and, much more appropriate for this type of product than sucralose - which seems a strange choice. It doesn’t make sense to use ‘organic ingredients’ in the majority, and at the same time add in a rather than nasty sucralose. It can damage the gut, and has various other detrimental health implications.


Same content per old and new scoop…I’ll clarify for your convenience of calculation…sugar content is 0.6g in 8.5g of new product and it is 0.6g in 15g in old product… So 0.6 of 8.5.and 0.6 of 15…almost double. Hope that helps.

I think he knew that already. I believe the point he was making was the sugar content is still the same per serving which is how you consume the product.


Hi all,

I just wanted to add my view on this development that may (or may not) be of value to some consumers of DG.

To get it out the way, I have been consuming Huel for many years, but only got my first DG last week! I signed up to the forum this morning so that I could post this - why? Well I’ve never felt the need to discuss Huel on a forum before so never signed up!

I’ve been in the food industry for 25 years. At one point I worked for the largest food manufacturer in the UK as a Head of Procurement where I used to spend in excess of £52m a year on direct ingredients. In some markets, I was the largest buyer of products in the world (thats my claim to fame and opening line at a party!)

We would only ever reformulate a product for 2 reasons.

  1. Most commonly, consumer feedback.
  2. Cost saving
  3. (Ok 3 if you include regulatory changes)

Our customers are mainly supermarkets, with an end consumer being us as individuals. Supermarkets are incredibly adept at knowing what consumers want and go through truly exhaustive processes to get products right. So if there was a reformulation to an existing product, it wasnt random. I dont know what feedback Huel have but its significant enough to warrant a change. Many times reformulation was instigated by the supermarket because they operate in a competitive landscape, like Huel, and wanted a superior product to their competitors. Superior doesnt necessarily mean nutritional (for us it never did unless regulations came into play). It means colour, mouth feel (which is a big one), packaging, aroma etc. So some consumers out there may be saying things along the lines of “AG1 looks better and tastes better than Huel DG” and so that becomes an issue.

Food is a natural product and those that sell it to us do a good job of hiding price fluctuations from us. Recent years have obviously seen major price increases but I tell you in all truthfulness, I have seen products literally double in price and seen consumers pay not a penny more. The cost is absorbed by the manufacturer and supplier. We do this by selling some products at a huge mark up in areas that are not price sensitive (hello jelly) in exchange for high volume low margin contracts elsewhere. But if we needed to cut costs, we typically look to increase the bulking agents, not decrease them. Make a smoothie cheaper? Just increase the apple juice (dirt cheap) and take out the raspberry. So I would expect a significant decrease in the vitamin heavy ingredients in DG if you wanted to make a saving in the formulation, not the bulking agents.

I’m aware I’ve made a really long post so apologies but I hope some insight is useful. What Huel have struggled with here is managing perception. They have presented a change which focused on reduction and what has been removed which leads people to perceive a poorer value. When the reality is probably more rooted on a more efficient delivery of key nutrients. It seems very unlikely cost saving came into play.


@Shannan12 Just to clarify, I’m not laughing at you. We all have brain farts from time to time.

I just really enjoy the absurdity of this:

You have to admit it is some kind of bonkers.


Incidentally, by your way of thinking the content of say vitamin C is also doubled. Result! :rofl:


Well said, thank you


Yep, doesn’t read well…:joy:

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This reminds me of when Huel ‘improved’ the white edition, where they removed the Kombucha extract, the probiotics and the lycopene. The spiel here sounds exactly the same.

The chlorella and spirulina has been reduced. I see no significant improvements in the nutritional profile, only decreases. Cancelling my subscription and moving to AG1.

@SarahM hi. Thanks for your feedback and I hear you

Choline - what you’re stated is the figure for relative reduction. The reduction is actually only from 4.2% of the US RDA, down to 0.9%. No one should have been consuming DG for it’s choline content!

Iron - while I accept this is significant, again it’s only a drop from 39% to 32% (UK RDA)

There’s nothing wrong with sucralose (written about this extensively, there’s no evidence that it damages the gut), but this is a moot point because, well, Huel Daily Greens DOES have stevia as the sweetener!


Agree…the trend tends to be we have improved texture….by removing X,Y & Z…cuz they don’t matter and never did