Improvements to Huel Daily Greens

For those of us that didn’t read the email it would have been nice to have a big sticker on the pouch saying “new design, new spoon inside” instead I ignored the new spoon thinking it was a mistake and used my old one and now feel sick to my stomach. Admittedly my mistake.

However the removal of Omega 3 is a game changer for me and I won’t be renewing my subscription. This really helped Huel differentiate against AG1.

Good luck!

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The proof is selling both side by side let market forces decide as there are alot of sceptics here
Who think theyve been had

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Right. I’ve actually just tried my first greens of the new iteration. I forgot the scoop size was smaller so I may need to adjust the amount of water and made it with 150ml.

The colour isn’t as vibrant as the original and it looked like it wouldn’t mix properly but with a similar shake to the original it actually mixed in really well. I normally let my greens sit for about 45 minutes before drinking it and if I don’t re-shake it it does form a sediment, this one less so.

It tastes different than the original greens. Worse. No. Better maybe marginally but it has less of the apple/pineapple taste. I will try making it with 100ml of water tomorrow.

Better than I was expecting.

So in other words its not bettered for the taste, ive got one full bag after my current and im off :slight_smile:

Marginally better I would say, but different. I used more water than I needed though, so will try again tomorrow with 100ml. Can’t see that making it with suggested amount will be good tho. But many people preferred the original with less liquid.

I have today used 100ml of water with one scoop and it’s pretty perfect for me. Still looks a bit grim but taste is really good. Better than original version

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First try of the new recipe this morning. Consistency was fine reducing water, but there is a strange flavour in there that, for me, i find really unappealing. Even 15 minutes after the aftertaste is still unpleasant. Huel daily greens was the first greens I had ever used, looks like that is over now.

Edit: even after toast and apple cider vinegar i can still taste it! >.<

Hmm. I don’t get that reaction, but taste is so individual. I didn’t find the taste unpleasant at all. I’ve tried a few greens as well as things like spirulina and most taste horrible. I don’t think they’re a thing to enjoy. Both iterations of the Huel greens are actually not bad. The new one with 100ml of water is actually quite palatable…not that I’d drink it all day out of choice. I am going to try it with the Huel recommended amount of water too, just to see.

My other half used to drink another brands that made her wretch with each mouthful, so it wasn’t a daily thing she had. As such she was very happy to have the Huel DG, even more so that I tried it as well and got on with it. She also tried the new one this morning and pulled a face but said it wasn’t as bad as the others but unpleasant compared to the original Huel DG. But as you say, taste is individual.

Changing of flavours did make me think back to when they added salt to the powders, unflavoured with salt was awful. v1.2 is still my pinnacle of Huel preference.

I still can’t place the flavour though and it’s bugging me haha.

Yes they have made a few mistakes on the way and aren’t going to please everyone whenever they make a change. Adding salt and fluoride amongst them. I think I agree that v1.2 was best. I do like that they’ve branched out into hot and savoury but even that has been contentious with thinks like the change to Mac and cheese. I wasn’t keen on the change myself but I’ve now got used to it and it’s my favourite alongside carbonara.

I expected to be not on board with the new green flavour but there ya go. I like it. I think it looks worse though and can see why the reduction in portion size may seem like scrimping. It also doesn’t explain why they still sell the original version in the US and only changed the formula when manufacturing moved to their swanky new factory in Milton Keynes. I have asked the question but no-one bothers to answer.

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maybe you’re the guinea pigs? BTW - I had to stop using greens, for whatever reason the more I used it the less comfortable it sat in the gut. was a shame but I have two friends here who also use it without any issue.

Oh dear. I assume that was the original version, or have you tried the new one?

Anyway, I drank today’s greens with the recommended amount of water. It was quite insipid tasting, not as bad as I thought, and not as bad as the original with same amount of water (despite the smaller scoop size). In my opinion I think it’s definitely better with 100ml and one scoop. I did look out for any weird aftertaste as mentioned by @MadMattTheThird and the only thing I think it may be is the stevia leaf as there is a faint taste of that if I really try. But there is also stevia in original one.

I must admit. I preferred the original taste. I am defo going to try it with coconut water (as someone below suggested) Not bothered about the reduced ingredients

I’ve tried the new one for a while now. It’s just okay. Not quite as nice as the previous version. Doesn’t look as appealing. I find it doesn’t mix as well. If there’s no significant difference in cost of production, I wish you guys would run both versions alongside each other for a while and let the market decide what it prefers (A-B testing IRL).

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I think it tastes nicer and mixes better but looks horrible. Also still never get an answer to my question as to why they have not changed the US formula just the UK one since moved production here.


Please bring back the old version. Maybe have both and call the new one a smoother/boring version.

I really liked the taste of the original, too the point where I wish I could have multiple servings a day. The new version is boring to drink.

Also the scoop is quite a bit off. You definitely need to weigh it or you’ll run out much quicker than you might think. 12g a level scoop.

I do hope huel isn’t going to make a habit of including scoops in the product.

Scoopgate #3741

Yes. It’s annoying and goes against sustainability, but I guess a lot of things they do now go against their original sustainability ethic.

Just to clarify something (I’ve never had Daily Greens, so haven’t got a horse in this race):

They’ve reduced the size of the pack from 450g to 225g. So that’s a 50% reduction.

But they’re also reducing the serving size from 15g to 8.5g. Not quite a 50% reduction, but close (44%).

By my calcs, in the last bag, you got 30 servings per bag. You now get 26.

Is that the mad greedy cash grab you’re all annoyed about?

The new bag is 255g and scoop size is 8.5g so still 30 servings per bag. Truthfully I havent weighed a scoop of Huel nor have I checked to see how long it lasts, but if a scoop is 12g then you will not get 30 days obviously. I just use the scoop although I do weigh other Huel products on a scale.

I’m on my second bag and do prefer the taste.

I guess people are pissed at paying the same for an inferior product and much as I like it, in some respects it is inferior and I can see why they are aggrieved.