Improvements to Huel Daily Greens

It’s made in the UK and so probably costs more to produce here than it does to produce and ship it from the US. Lots of imported goods are cheaper than similar ones manufactured here…

I’ve received my “new” daily greens today. Less fibre and less protein. Few other bits lower as well (admittedly not a lot) but tastes worse.

Obviously been a cost cutting exercise. It was fine as it was, such a shame as well as it was the best.

I think I will cancel for now and explore alternatives.


Verve it is!

Dont know why Huel keep doing this was great as it was!


Half the size, same price!
Smells worse
Tastes worse
Shrinkflation at work?
Nothing wrong with the old one.
Also didn’t include the new scoop size in the smaller pack. No notification or heads up of the change, you expect people after months of using it daily to read the back at the tiny type which shows the update!
For a brand that prides its self on its engagement with its customers this is really poor.
There’s cheaper and better alternatives people.


What’s your best alternative? It’s not that I had a choice, Huel’s version is still not for sale in the EU…

Got to say I don’t usually post in these types of forums,

but I am incredibly disappointed in this change, I had no commutation from Huel about these changes.

Like others have said this feels like we are being ripped off, less fiber and less overall ingredients, although the “nutritionists” say it doesn’t make much difference I can’t workout how removing ingredients improves a product designed to be packed full of ingredients?

Also if I were to take the only daily greens vs the new daily greens every day for a year how much difference would there be between the two regarding affects on my body because surely taking 3g of fiber everyday vs 1g of fiber eventually adds up over time and alters the prolonged affect of the product?

Like others on here did not feel the original formula required change and this feels more like a economic change rather than a change for the customers especially seeing the amount of negative thoughts on this both on this forum and elsewhere online.

I am not sure I will continue using Daily Greens due to these changes as I feel my money could go to a competitor who can give me more ingredients for my money.

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You need c.30g of fibre daily. 1g or 3g in a once-daily supplement is negligible.


For me to comes down to a question of I’m I taking daily greens for Fibre and protein. If so I’m paying way more than I should for fibre and protein

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Sorry you didn’t get notified of the change - we did send out an email to all active subscribers of Daily Greens, as well as posting here and on Reddit. The changes were made with customer feedback in mind, to reduce sediment and ultimately create a more potent formula (you’re still getting a very similar micronutrient profile and either an identical or increased dose of greens, adaptogens and probiotics despite the smaller serving size).

If you’re missing a scoop, please reach out to us directly ( so that we can fix this and get one out to you!

Sorry your first post here has been a negative one, though your feedback is appreciated.

The ingredients that have been reduced include oats, tapioca, inulin and flax, which mainly contributed macronutrients rather than micronutrients. As a supplement, Daily Greens was never designed to significantly contribute macros, but rather to deliver all 26 essential vitamins and minerals (something you don’t often see in other greens powders), as well as a range of antioxidant greens, adaptogens and probiotics, which, aside from spirulina and chlorella, have not been reduced in the new formula despite the decreased scoop size. In fact, we’ve increased the concentration in some cases.

Thanks for the update and answers!

Bit of a shame about the reduced fibre content, but as people have said, it’s not a huge amount and isn’t the real purpose of this product.

Would you be able to share the breakdown of the mushroom and adaptogens blend? Although the ideal dosage of these is a little unknown, it would be helpful to know how much Huel greens contains!

not happy at half the product and reduced intake yet the same price, just got my bag today and thought it was a promotional bag sent by mistake, im just off to cancel my subscription…bye

I just received the new huel green few days ago and I couldn’t even try it…the colour is so
off with brown and yellow and my friends thought it was sewer water :sob: the flavour is slightly change as well but in a negative way with a bit of sour taste and very weird, I don’t know how to describe it and so clumpy for the texture, a lot of powder stay in the bottom with many chunks floating around no matter how hard you shake them.

It used to be my most favourite drink from Huel and I used them everyday and now I’m so disappointed with the new change, especially in colour and texture, it’s not even green or smooth at all even they said after put in water, the colour will be back to normal but no, I waited for a long time and the colour is still the same with very “outdated” brownish grey which lead me to the thought that the product was defective.

I changed from AG1 to huel green and now I have to change back to AG1 again…please give back the old huel green!

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That is shocking, im off to rival too after this batch is done, such a shame, if it aint broke!!

We don’t currently have a publicly available milligram-specific list for each individual ingredient. This info is proprietary, which is the standard for other greens products on the market. While we can’t share our super secret formula, we want to help you assess whether Daily Greens is suitable for your needs. If you have any specific requirements pertaining to a certain ingredient, please get in touch with us directly ( and we’ll do what we can to help :blush:

That looks grim. I still haven’t opened my new one so wonder if I should just send it back and get something else

cancelled my subscription this afternoon after tasting the new recipe this morning, i can only say it both looks and tastes like dirty water from a stream

Anyone got a good suggestion for an alternative now the subscriptions are being cancelled??

The only ingredients I would appreciate being removed, are the flavours and sweetener. I’m a grown adult, who doesn’t need everything to taste like milkshake.

Flavour is my least concern, whilst health is my primary.

Ordinary, I would instantly disguard anything with sweetener, but I’m giving DG a pass for now, as I feel the benefit may outweigh the negatives. It still doesn’t sit right with me, however.

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I agree. I’m not sure a sweetener, natural or not, belongs in a daily greens product. It already tastes rank in my opinion anyway, but I don’t expect it to taste nice. People who are expecting a cool trendy awesome tasting 250ml smoothie have the wrong expectation and the product shouldn’t be catered towards that expectation.