Improvements to Huel Daily Greens

Huel greens is made in the UK now though, not shipped all the way over, so should only cost a quid.

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What I heard here is the 3.5g of fibre is a significant selling factor of the product and an reduction of makes it an inferior product. Imo, the amount of fibre in the product is not why I’m taking DG and I’m curious to know why that point is so important to you


It was perfectly fine before, and like others, I don’t remember being asked for my opinion.

Fewer nutrients, less product, same price? You can add me to the cancellation list.

And for what it’s worth, this does not reflect well on Huel as a company.

@JamesCollier is the new version imminent? You suggested mid-May and we are nearly at that point…a day or two away.

I just spoke to customer services yesterday and they said any orders placed now will deliver the new formula

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Thanks Himesh, that’s great. I will get some ordered.

that’s outrageous. :thinking:

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Almost as bad as deliberately misunderstanding people, eh?

I’m taking you at your word. ‘For what it’s worth’.

You don’t remember being asked by Huel for your opinion. You feel that does not reflect well on Huel as a company.

My response is ironic, but I don’t think I’ve misunderstood you. Unless you were also being ironic, and are actually glad of the changes? Perhaps you can clarify.

I’m curious, what makes you think fewer nutrients?
Also, have you got an alternative product or are you just giving up on this sort of nutrition?

Put my order through yesterday. Hopefully they’ll start shipping soon

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I did order earlier today but it does say a few days delay…

Just got my dispatched email :slight_smile:

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Now I have just received mine so guess should have it tomorrow

I must say I’m a little miffed.
15g to 8.5g with only a slight change in nutritional value. What were we paying for before?
Received the new formula today and the measure is so small I am troubling to reconcile myself with the removal of what must be said to be filler and the quality of what remains for £45. :thinking::frowning:

Like the first cro-mags album. It’s all killer no filler now

I don’t reckon it’s far away from being able to be compressed into a couple of tablets. I must admit to feeling slightly mugged off.

What’s the taste and texture like?

Mine arrived today. Considerably smaller bag can see why some may view it as a rip-off. The recommended water amount per serving is the same though. Surely that’s gonna taste like pish. I’ll let you know when I open it/use it

Simply put, we’re paying more for less - simple economics. They should have passed a token saving on to the consumer to avoid all this. I only knew about the change when I received my tiny parcel this morning - thought I was going mad a first when I saw the tiny serving scooper!?