Incomplete order via Amazon

So, I’m currently talking to Amazon about this, and will need to try and sort something out, but I’m feeling pretty upset right now. I ordered my first batch from them last week and it arrived early in the weekend. For the most part, this is going fantastically - the taste has already won me over, I love the texture, I’m feeling energised this morning, but then I found out I was meant to be sent two bags and I was only sent one.

Amazon have thus far said they can’t do anything without me sending the product back to them and have supplied me a label, but I’ve already started consuming it.

This isn’t to actually make a complaint here - as I say, it’s something I’m trying to sort out through Amazon, but it’s something that’s just making me feel a bit sad. I’m going to have to work out a way for me to receive deliveries at work… I want to be able to direct customer service queries to somebody who can help.

Hey Sunflower,

I can help with this, but I’m sorry you’ve had such issues. If you have any information that can help me find your order, please PM it to me or email me at, and I’ll deal with this ASAP

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Thank you Gulliver! I’ll email over my order number and my comment history with Amazon - they do have a history of great customer service, but I think this one is tricky because it’s a consumable product that I’m growing accustomed to the taste of :wink:

(The follow-up to this is that I’ve emailed Gulliver and they’re very kindly emailing Amazon on my behalf. Big thank you to the team there)