Incredible, its a life changer for me

Ive been using Vanilla Huel now for 6/7 weeks, I started with one a day at home for breakfast, then came off shore to the vessel i work on and now have 3 scoops for breakfast , and 3 scoops for dinner before i go to bed.
I decided i needed to get myself together and lose some weight 10 weeks ago, im 44 and then was 105KG, i work 6 weeks away on a construction vessel and then have 6 weeks at home, i also work a long night shift and the food is absolutely terrible.
As exercise i have been using the running for weight loss app 4 times a week in the vessel gym, which is also awesome, easy to start then easy to follow and to finish it all off bought a fit bit.
I know weigh 92KG and have 7KG more to go to meet my goal. Whilst i appreciate it is me that made the change, i could not have done it without HUEL, or liquid chalk as my mates at work call it lol. I dont feel hungry at all, i like the taste, especially with a double expressso in it when i wake up !
So there you go, i have had no issues with it , except when i went to 2 a day, when i had the most unbelievable farts for a week, but to be honest that was a positive as the lads at work thought that was amazing, they never heard such loud ones before so i got kudos for that as well :wink:
Ive also got HUEL 4 new customers now by giving sample drinks and recommending as well as people seeing the effects of it on me, reckon i should be on commission !
Great Job HUEL, absolute game changer ā€¦


Top review lad!! Iā€™m buying just to get some rippers going :joy::joy: