Intermittent fasting OMAD

Doing intermittent fasting, 800 calories of Huel black edition, sometimes 400 calls of black edition and 400 from a ready to drink and usually some salad. Approx 1000 calories in a 30 min to 1 hour eating window. Average 5 days out of 7.
Feeling good and sweet cravings have disappeared.

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1000 kc/day, all in an hour? Sounds pretty tough.

When you get used to the IF it does become a lot easier.

I could probably have 1k cal in a sitting
You don’t find yourself craving snacks during that day?
What time do you have your meal?

usually about 6 pm, all cravings through the day are gone and even when i have my meal its a struggle to have so much.

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