Introducing v3.1 🖤

good to know the prebiotics are staying - though i’m slightly confused; @Dan_Huel you say you choose to add MTCC 5856 (due to its its stability) but @JamesCollier you say that the prebiotics are naturally occurring from the fibre-rich ingredients. Is the MTCC 5856 one of the fibre-rich ingredients here??

I’d also like to second the idea of a Premium line which didn’t skimp on the nutrition side of things. Black isn’t really premium as people have said, and it has too much protein to consume on its own for most people including me (I drink both Huel black chocolate and U/U powder together at a 1:2 ratio)

Prebiotics and probiotics are different things.

MTCC5856 is a strain of probiotic bacteria.

Hi, where can I find the carbon footprint of each product?


Why are you removing the coffee flavour as it is? I will probably have to look for alternatives in other brands, since significantly reducing the caffeine content and making it sweeter doesnt really work for me.

Coffee is great for me because, as others have said, it is less sweet than the other flavours. Even original I find too sweet.

Fiddling around with unsweetened and unflavored, I could never get something I liked.

I have tried the Coffee Caramel black and didn’t care for it, so I hope that this change won’t make them too similar.

I am ordering as much Coffee as I can before it goes away…please do not change Berry as that’s the one other flavour that’s not too sweet.


How do you determine that the changes have come from the majority and is in fact something that people care about or need or want, most of the time let’s be honest you don’t ever hear from people that are perfectly happy with a product, you hear from people who take issue or don’t like taste etc. so how do you determine if the change is something that will appease the masses or do the opposite, if 10 people don’t like a taste or texture is that worth changing the entire thing to improve on if you had say 7million other people happy with it.
I guess when you see endless versions and variations being chopped and changed and things added taken away…I can understand improving a product but I can’t help but feel like you change or try to improve certain products for the sake of it & very often to the excess, and does that alone as a company not cost you more money, you invest time and money getting something to a certain point and then change it again instead of certain people liking something and certain people don’t, then you change & the ppl that didn’t like it do and the people that did like it suddenly don’t, kind of an endless merry go round not for a huge amount of gain in my opinion.
I dunno with a product like huel and the price of it you spend quiet a bit of money as a customer finding a flavour of black/white etc getting one you do like and could keep drinking for the next 5+years no issue…then it gets changed…then you have to start the process again either not liking the new version or then having to cycle through flavours or editions tryna find one you do.
I guess as a consumer I get baffled by the endless versions because even if I did find I liked 3.1 I just know in 6 months or 12 months there will be a 3.2 appearing somewhere.


Interesting points there about changes. I tend to admire a company that’s regularly trying to make improvements, even if they don’t always please all of the people all of the time. Like I appreciate innovation and development rather than stasis and predictability, or even complacency… I suppose it depends on how curious we are to try different things, or how much we like sticking with the familiar. Different strokes for different folks.

Hi @Rafi_Clang

as @rikefrejut said, you might be confusing pro- and prebiotics. MTCC 5856 is a probiotic and will not be present in v3.1. The naturally occurring prebiotics fibre will be plentiful.

Listening to you guys on the premium line idea :slight_smile:


I’ve just done the same thing regarding ordering as much of the coffee as I can. Sad times when you have to panic-buy & hoard the post-apocalyptic food in a non-post-apocalyptic setting. :sweat_smile:

Thanks again, @JamesCollier for at least listening to the feedback. Much appreciated.

You guys are experts in your products, no doubt about that. But, as a marketeer, I wanted to create a table for a potential reshuffle in Huel’s line of products for Huel Powder, in the hope that it can be simplified.

£2.49 per meal
(The Original)
£1.99 per meal
£0.99 per meal
Protein Options High in Protein
Balanced Low in Protein
Carb Options Low Carb
Balanced High in Carbs
Gluten Options Gluten-free
Contains Gluten
Contains Gluten Contains Gluten
Essentials 26 vitamins and minerals 26 vitamins and minerals 26 vitamins and minerals
Prebiotics YES YES NO
Probiotics YES NO NO
Antioxidants YES NO NO
Artificial Sweeteners NO YES YES
Batch tested by Informed-Sport YES NO NO
CO2 Offset Add-on Included Optional Optional

In the table above, Protein, Carb and Gluten are given as an option for the customer to select.
Also, a new option named “CO2 Offset” is added to the Standard and Essential products, in which the customer can choose to contribute offsetting the product’s carbon footprint. I am assuming this would be just a few pence per order ( but don’t quote me on that :slight_smile: )

The Premium Line should ensure that the ingredients are the best the money can buy. It’s not for everyone, it’s not a mass market product. It’s the Apple Studio Display of Huel Powder. It’s the Mac Pro of Huel Powder.

Just my two cents.


It’s impossible to have Huel without prebiotics, because they are part of the carbs used in the powder.

It’s also impossible to have Huel without antioxidants, because they also come from the carbs.

The informed-sport tests are pointless for everyone unless you’re a world-level athlete where your trainer requires every single food item (including apples at a grocery store!) to be tested for performance-enhancing drugs. No need to have it be a default part of any premium line.


I don’t like this as a customer at all. I’ve been using Huel on and off since the beginning, and I’ve always trusted and used it as I’ve bought into the brand. I could go in Holland and Barret and get their equivalent or lots of other places, but I’ve always trusted for the product type, Huel is the top of the line.

But when you see the company is prepared to remove ingredients, and an ingredient previously claimed might help against certain illnesses, in the name of emissions, that’s crazy.

It’s crazy because the UK as a whole is responsible for just 1% of global emissions. Now Huel is just one small company in the UK, if huel saves 15% of its emissions, this will have zero impact on the environment, it’s like a grain of sand compared with every beach on the entire planet. I know companies love to push the ‘green’ marketing to consumers, but I think your consumers would rather the old ‘nutrition first’, which has clearly fallen at the way side.


This is tragic.

Fair, but I’m just going to add my voice here - I’d rather there were incremental price increases in line with inflation, than reducing the quality and keeping the price the same. Hope you guys will consider this too!

Tragic indeed.

Just because Huel can’t impact the environmental crisis to any greater extent than is possible right now given its market share, it shouldn’t bother and we shouldn’t care.

That’s depressing.


That’s why I made a poll regarding this:

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Not at the expense of product quality no, It’s devaluing a product to look good for marketing.

The VAST majority of emissions is agricultural, military, mining etc. It’s not companies like huel, it’s a worthless pursuit to think otherwise.

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Nutrition wise, it’s not better at all is it. You’ve taken things out. It’s cheaper for you to make it this way isn’t it, let’s not make out there’s any other reason for taking things out that are of a nutritional benefit.


Yes, they produce all of their raw ingredients using Star Trek food replicators – not grown, harvested, processed and shipped from various locations around the Globe at all.


‘I know companies love to push the ‘green’ marketing to consumers’
‘It’s devaluing a product to look good for marketing’

Denigrating Huel’s efforts to reduce harmful environmental impacts as ‘marketing’ seems absolutely desperate. The most responsible companies make changes for more urgently consequential reasons.


Huel was already an amazing product for the climate, so while further reductions in carbon footprint are admirable, please consider the indirect carbon footprint of losing so many loyal customers with these changes, since you are giving them a lot of strong reasons to leave and very few reasons to stay.

The company has decided to give us no other option (at least if we do not want to, or maybe can’t for health reasons, switch to the lower carb black edition) but to consume a product that is without question of poorer nutritional quality and, in my opinion, no longer nutritionally complete after the removal of probiotics and lycopene. I think this reflects very badly on your brand, especially because you are charging just as much as before for worse nutrition.

Furthermore Kombucha and acerola cherries, although not essential, were healthy and indeed welcome and I am sure they encouraged a lot of people (I know of some) to try out the product and end up becoming long time users.

For customer retention, please consider keeping something in the same spirit as the previous formula (v3.0) available at a price that is sustainable for the company.