Is Huel in secret talks with Nasa / SpaceX?

I see Tim has locked a thread about Space food. T’was an old one sure but still relevant and interesting, though it did also suggest launching him towards orbit.

Do we think this is a sign that Huel are in talks to feed astronauts and want to avoid discussion?

  • Totally in talks with NASA
  • Got to be SpaceX
  • Why aren’t we talking more about sending Tim into space?
  • Yeah, nah

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I’m happy with new threads! So long as the subject isn’t done to death (e.g. “Huel Powder tastes nothing like RTD, I’m been robbed”).

I wish I could lock every thread which hasn’t had a reply in a year, but I can’t retrospectively, although that setting is turned on going forward. I just think it leads to us having the same conversations again and again, when after 6 years the information is probably different and therefore the replies are ill-informed and based on old info.

Back to the subject, please don’t send me to space, I’d much rather explore the deep ocean :diving_mask: :octopus:

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