Is Huel ok to have before surgery?

Hi, having surgery in a couple of weeks and will be under for about 3 hours. I’ve noticed that a lot of info online says to stop taking vitamins before surgery, especially Vit E. Is Huel still ok to have?



I’ve had ops myself and never heard of this, and I have never been told to modify my diet in anyway.
They sometimes want a list of all the supplements you are currently taking though as some herbal remedies can interact with the anaesthetic, but this wouldn’t really apply to essential vitamins and minerals.
I did choose however to stop taking supplements of all omega oils prior to a dental operation, as I know for me personally it increases bleeding.
I would recommend you discuss it with your surgeon at your pre-op appointment (and take a print-out of the ingredients of Huel so they can see what you are consuming), or ask your GP.
I should think Huel is okay, but it depends on what op you are having, any other existing health conditions, if you are taking any other meds etc. If you want to be cautious, definitely ask a professional. They usually want to know about your diet and supplements anyway pre-op and will point out any changes you need to make.


Thanks, that’s v helpful. I’ll check but hoping it will be okay as health is generally good and I’m not on meds.

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Hello, I just wanted to check if it was ok for you take Huel before your surgery?
I have a surgery in 2weeks.

I’ve never heard of this before in fact the reason I got onto Huel was that I had to have some major surgery and the surgeons told me I had to radically change my diet beforehand to be more nutritionally balanced. I’ve since had another 6 surgeries over the past two years while Huel plays the major part of my diet with no issues at all.

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I don’t see why not. As an anaesthetist it wouldn’t bother me unless you ate it too close to the anaesthetic!
Medically I’d rather you were eating this than the nonsense most people eat.


Hi @Iva what information have you been given by the hospital?

Edit I see you have already answered my question

Thank you :pray: :blush:
I was advised to change my diet and lose weight if overweight.
And huel will help a lot after the surgery too.

Hehe this will definitely be better than other foods. Thank you for letting me know. I’m having a laparoscopy that will involve the bowels, so sill be under anaesthetic.

Healthy diet, regular exercise, lose weight if overweight.

Any bowel prep or low residue diet prior to surgery?

So they haven’t given much guidance or been clear.
They told me I don’t need to do anything, which doesn’t make much sense.
And They don’t do pre-op appointments anymore so I’m trying to get an appointment so I can get a clearer guidance.

They should contact you with your admission date and time. Sounds like you just stick with the healthy diet and fast when they tell you to.

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Thank you :blush:

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What was your diet before Huel?

To a large extent, Vodka, curry and Marlboro’s


Breakfast of champions. What about later in the day?


To a large extent a rinse and repeat situation

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Haha living in the moment hehe.