Is imitation really the sincerest form of flattery?

These look a little familiar don’t they?

…they’re not Huel bars.

but they are 30p in Aldi

Food!? In a bar shape!?

This is worse than when the vegetarians stole the round we make our burgers in!


Huel invented chocolate brownies and you can’t prove they didn’t!

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Ha I hear you. But you can’t deny they look almost exactly like v1/v2 bars. This isn’t just like a similar product.

You’re right, but they also look like some crap cake bars my parents used to buy in the eighties. Maybe a bit more uniform, but that’s modern processing for you.

Ah, i have only had the newest bars, which is a shame, i hear some of the older variants had a wayyyy different texture i’d love to try so i can regret missing them, haha!

You didn’t miss much with the v1 bars. Solid idea but oh man they were dry.

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:100: :+1:

I find the current ones a bit dry, i wish they had a more biscuity like texture D:

And yes i realise biscuits are also quite dry :stuck_out_tongue:

which brand or product is it?

Ha missed this… They’re £41 per box of 15


Could you post the nutritional value of them? Or the brand to search for myself

Google Image Search tells me that they’re the V24 Vegan Meal Bar.

I can’t be arsed to work it out properly, but they seem very expensive compared to Huel bars.


I think they are not the same

@hunzas can you help us identifying the bars?

That exact photo is from the V24 website.

Over £41 for a pack of 15…

Jup :slight_smile:

I can, here’s hoping my Huel bar info isn’t out of date :slight_smile:

There’s a few similarities between. Huel has lower Salt and less saturated fat but more sugar - but man the fibre in the other bars! I’m not sure you’d want to have more than one in a 24 hour period.

Oh and of course Huel bars are £1.44 per bar (or £1.30 on subscription) vs £2.75 per bar for the other ones.

Imitation really could be the sincerest form of flatulence.