Is it meant to taste like this?!

I’ve just tried my first huel - black chocolate. I struggled to finish it. The aftertaste is like a cheap sweetener. So strong. And now I feel queasy. Have I got a bad batch?!

Hi Rebecca just have a scroll down the topics - there are already many discussion on Black version flavours once again showing tastes and reactions are a love hate thing and very subjective.

Like with any new product you’ll take time to adjust. My first one was ‘okay’ but then the next day I started to enjoy it more as I knew what to expect. I like the Black Huel and enjoy my ‘meals’

We all have different tastes. I don’t personally like Black Cholate and get that same aftertaste you described.

I went for the vanilla for this very reason, however they still sent me the chocolate anyways :rofl:.

But yes disgusting aftertaste.

Tapioca flour might be the problem.

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