Is it possible for me?

I have a very rare dissorder called Kevin Levine Syndrome (I’ll happy say what it entails if requested), I would, more then anything love to try huel.
I currently use a app to help me with my weight gains during my “episodes” of sleep, but I need to do more as it doesn’t have much effect and as I stand I am currently 5“11 and 111kg and I want to reach a happy 98-92kg by the of this year (or sooner if possible)
But with my problem I don’t know if huel would be the right path or if it can help in between my times of sleep.
I would also like to add I would love to try huel more then anything and I’m happy spend money but don’t want to waste it and I want to know that it wouldn’t be wasted more then anything.
My dedication to weight loss is 100% so that is no worry.

Thanks in advance to all that can help.


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Huel will not cause you to lose weight. Being in a calorific deficit will cause you to lose weight.

Using Huel to contribute towards this, however, is extremely effective. Huel allows you to control exactly how many calories you consume, hence hitting that sweet deficit of 500 calories will be a lot easier.

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Huel could be useful for you due to its convenience and you can adjust the amount you use to suit lower calories intakes

Firstly can I just say that must be a hard condition to live with x I’m almost 100% Huel now, and easily loose weight on it. I don’t count my calories often these days, I just make up a drink when I’m hungry or have one of the bars or granola, other than that I eat fruit. I walk a lot and practice yoga every day so am probably in a calorie deficit. I’ve found over time that I no longer crave sweet stuff or crisps, it just stopped one day! And it’s so handy to use! You can also make it up and pop it in the fridge for up to 24hrs as well. If unsure of the taste at first there are flavour pouches you can add, or fruit/milk too. Does that help? X


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