Is it safe to dry scoop Huel Hot and Savory?

The planet is over populated by humans We should promote sterilisation of humans as that is our own species. Selecting which non-human species to kill because it suits the human agenda is not good. Admittedly, because I don’t have control of our food chain I cannot categorically say that deliberate killing of non-human animals doesn’t happen in the production of the food I eat and it probably does.

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Zeroism sounds like a god-complex. At first I thought it might just be a trendy new term for ultra-minimalism, or nihilism for millennials, but it’s sounding more like derangement.

PS on second thoughts maybe this is nothing new, and using AI to destroy parts of nature isn’t really so different from the past and what we’ve already achieved, but shameful we haven’t learned anything from our mistakes.

Is it risky to eat the huel hot and savory mac and cheeze by just adding water and not microwaving, or will it just be harder to digest and less nutritious?