Is it safe to dry scoop Huel Hot and Savory?

I really enjoy how huel hot and savory mac and chee’ze tastes when I dry scoop, but it has caused coughing for weeks in a row. If I chew enough so I don’t inhale any, is it safe?

No it’s deadly poisonous, go to A&E immediately

Is this a joke?

Generally, eating meals like this uncooked makes them harder to digest and harder to absorb the nutrients. It could also cause gastrointestinal issues and promote dehydration. There maybe other health issues with other individual ingredients depending on the flavour you use, while getting powdered food or any small foreign objects inhaled into your lungs (as well as making you cough) can also cause infections like aspiration pneumonia.

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Thanks, this is what I’ve heard from the reddit too. I like the sharp flavor and tinge of the huel mac and chee’ze powder as well as the crunch of the dry macaronis, which I can still get both of from just adding very small amounts of water to the hot and savory. Is this going to mess with absorption or no, so long as I drink 16+ oz of water over the course of before during and after each huel meal of 1 serving? And for any other psychos like me who might want to try this, I did a fair amount of research and eating hard macaronis seems to be safe and even potentially good for teeth health. Someone else in the huel discord also agreed that they had also seen this research and came to my same conclusion when I asked, not a staff or anything though.

I would think that as long as you cook it with enough water to make sure everything is soaked to help breakdown starches and compounds like lectin and chitin, it shouldn’t be too bad.

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Do the macoronis have starches and the compounds you mentioned? If I need to microwave the powder to maximize my longevity and follow zeroism, I’d ideally sift it out, add water, microwave, then add the hard macaronis. Also, is it necessary to microwave either the soaked huel power or soaked macaronis, or could i just add water straight up and mix until it’s not powdery? Appreciate you helping me out because my diet is 47% H&S Mac & Chee’ze, with the other 47% being huel white v3.0.

Beans, lentils, peas, soybeans, peanuts and whole grains like wheat contain the highest amounts of lectins. Plant based chitins come from fungi. The meals have various forms of starch in them including in the pasta pieces themselves.

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If eating something had caused me to cough for weeks, I would give it up,

No but I guess he thought the OP was. I mean why would you wanna do that?

Why would you not just eat it as it’s intended

You would think…but then again some people are dumb enough to smoke even when it has that sort of effect.

I am giving it up. I do want the mac and chee’ze to be crunchy still so it takes longer to eat which is better for satiety and digestion, so I‘m planning on adding cutup/blended carrots. If it doesn’t taste good, I’ll try almonds.

I thought I was just sick. I had researched it by looking through some reddit posts and talking to gpt 4 about it for like 30-40 mins and somehow back then I assumed the AI would be more accurate and that the reddit posts would be too. I’ve spent a couple hours searching now, and using better key words such as “dry scoop” has helped me find reddit posts that write of how bad it is. I also use GPT-4 turbo with copilot pro, which has 85% accuracy compared to GPT-4’s 55%. I plan on doing whatever I can to remove the powder from my lungs, as I follow zeroism and want to invest in living as long as possible.

I liked the crunch as well as the sharp tinge and flavor, all of which were more satiating as it would take longer to eat and I was 95% Mac and Chee’ze huel for a while.

Cool. I’ve never met a zero-ist to my knowledge. I agree with much of it apart from living as long as possible…that’s counter-intuitive. To cause least harm you should live as short as possible and then feed your body to the ecosystem.

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I’ll have to agreeably disagree, I don’t agree with conservationist nature-worship ideology, I’m a preference hedonistic utilitarian. Once we reach a plant-based society, I want to alter nature and remove the brutal suffering from it, such as the unthinkable net negative experience of the trillions of insects in it, by using AI to make nature less brutal, through either sterilizing, odd-order predator culling, or diet changes I imagine. Currently, there is no ecosystem well researched enough to fully determine the effects of our actions in trying to reduce suffering in it, but once AI can account for the positioning of every molecule on the plant, I’m sure it’ll be possible. I imagine it’s possible you could be saying this because you’re a negative utilitarian or want to remove your impact entirely, rather than making a positive impact by doing animal rights advocacy, ai alignment, nutritional research, etc.

Does this mean I should let my Mac and Chee’ze hot and savoury sit for 15+ minutes after adding the boiling water to insure it fully soaks and isn’t the least but crunchy?

Odd-order nature culling is speciesist though. You can’t go around killing things because YOU believe it is better for the planet. Apart from Tories and Trump supporters I guess. They are fair game.

If you want to remove suffering though I guess we just need to nuke the planet. Not a bad idea. It’s not speciesist and the short term suffering has a long term positive impact.

Would you also say we shouldn’t kill the insects that attack or crops, of which we do in order to feed the planet’s population of people, because it’s only what WE think is better for the world? I’m not a negative utilitarian, that would remove all possibility of future positive experience to bomb everything. Speciesism is “unjustified” treatment of animals. Saving more anime lives by culling some therefor justifies it in the context of how most vegans use “speciesism”.