Is Matcha flavour safe?

There is a story on bbc news today about green tea supplements causing liver damage when taken to excess.

Having just today opened my first matcha flavour pouch I’m wondering should I make sure this is occasional rather than every day? How do the ingredients of huel flavour compare to the supplements on sale?

I appreciate that this is a rare case but after only 3 months of supplements the guy needed a new liver to last the week. Quite scary


I’ve read the news story and would say take what you read in the papers/ see on the news with a pinch of salt, the media are out to sell a story and I can imagine there is more to this story than what is written.
It is the only story I’ve ever seen about this type of thing. I’ve used Huel products for a couple of years, if there was a max amount of the Macha boost you can have then it would say on the label I’m sure of it. Maybe email and see what they say. Hope this helps

I don’t know I read salt is bad for you.


Good point… :yum:

I saw the same story and did a bit of reading.

I understood that he was taking quite a bit of the green tea supplement and also was in calorie deficit.

Appears that the body can process supplements differently, if you’re in deficit and have some kind of genetic predisposition too.

Since its considered a food rather than a medicine, it’s not tested and so human tolerances are a bit of an unknown.

In summary he was unlucky but it could happen to others. Id assume taking matcha with the odd Hue l will be fine.

Interesting that I take psyllium husk with each meal - think that’s why I paid attention. I did look into it a while back and came to the conclusion it’s fine - but if anyone has some different thoughts I’d like to hear them!