Is the scoop size the same for shakes and hot and savoury

I want to try hot and savoury and the cart makes a song and dance about free pots for first time orders only. Does Huel track who’s ordered food instead of shakes before? Or will I end up with expensive bags of hot and savoury and no scoop?

I’ve ordered shakes before, so if the scoops are the same size for food I’ll skip the pot, but there’s no information on how big the food scoops are.

It would be useful to have the option of adding a pot and scoop to the basket before checkout to find out whether Huel’s going to send one or not.

Scoops are same size and also the same colour so it’s easy to mix them up.


The scoops are both the same. So if you would rather skip the pot the go for it, but it is very handy!

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