It's official....I'm a Hueller

Hey all, first order received today and just finished mixing tomorrow’s brunch…3 Vanilla scoops with 1 teaspoon of coffee and Huel Toffee flavour system.


Have had 2 of those Breville’s - loved them - but de-threaded very quickly - love the containers too

Coffee and toffee. Was it good? I’m a big advocate of Coffee Huel. Welcome to the forum and to Huel!

Was good yes…upped the coffee and the Toffee since to taste but found a combo I’m satisfied with…just need to start looking at other combinations now…

700ml shake
3 scoops vanilla Huel
3 spoons coffee (shot of boiling water, stirred)
1 heaped spoon of Toffee flavour system
Blended and refrigerated overnight