Juicing: what do you think?

What do people here think about the concept/practice of juicing?

Years ago I started juicing, and I got really into it at one point… I used to put fruit and veg into a juicer, then put all the juice into a blender along with seeds, blueberries, avocado, spirulina, soya yoghurt, and sometimes even rice protein. Sometimes they would be delicious, and because they were blended with fat, fibre and protein, they filled me up for longer than straight juice.

There were two big problems with this, though:

  • Time
  • Cost - I could sometimes easily spend £15-20 on fruit and veg for a day or two of juicing.

The problem is, if you do juicing wrong it can be harmful. If you juice a lot of fruit and just drink it as straight juice without blending it with any fat, fibre and protein, you get huge blood sugar spikes. Also, drinking acidic things can damage your teeth. I ended up drinking mine through a straw.

I did often feel very good on juice, though. I feel just as good on Huel now, though, and that’s quicker and cheaper.

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I juiced some time ago and stopped due to pretty much the same factors as you describe:

  • cost
  • I didn’t really feel in control of my calorific, sugar or nutrient intake as I made it up as I went along (some nights more fruit than veg etc)
  • I was really concerned about how soft my teeth were beginning to feel (yikes)

Huel is way way better for me - no turning back.


I bought a juicer after watching Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.

Never did a juice fast but often have a kale, carrot, apple, and ginger juice for a hit of “nutrients”.

I have to admit I do not really understand why people juice. Why is the fruit and vegetables not eaten straight up? Is it only a convenience thing? To my knowledge juicing a fruit demolishes the fibre and makes it very similar to soda in terms of how the sugar acts in your body.

@Kristin Well, you can have vegetable juices which have far less sugar than fruit juices. You’re welcome to eat loads of raw broccoli if you want, though.

Hey, don’t diss broccoli! It is pretty bomb with butter. :wink:

Raw broccoli with butter? :astonished: