Just a regular thread


It can be quite dangerous but a tricky one for sure.

I never see anything that needs a heavy hand moderation wise. It’s generally lighthearted banter and there are a few culprits who mainly come out at weekends.


Haven’t you left already? I love a flouncy exit…


I flounced back, you’d be lost for ‘material’ without me & my carnivorous plant goodness :kissing_heart:


There’s plenty of material. Don’t flatter yourself.


Agree to disagree there… I have been on many other forums with much tighter moderation & I think it makes for a better experience, but this forum is quite small I guess & Huel run it how they want to… I do think that will change though as the forum (& Huel Co itself) get bigger over time… We shall see!


I don’t see you named dropping other people in threads they are not a part of bedsides me! This is why you annoy me… How is it banter when you talk sh*t behind my back? Penis Flytrap etc… N u say u didn’t think I was old enough to smoke… :roll_eyes: Proper juvenile.


Exactly. Are you 6?


No I use text shorthand cos it’s quicker to type n we’re on an Internet forum talking casually.

I’m 32 anyway, how old are you grandad??


I wasn’t expecting you to waste time answering that. It was a joke.

You should never ask a gentleman his age. How very rude.


Anyway, I gotta go…need to find some intelligent conversation before it gets past my bedtime here in the nursing home.


Show me where I asked a gentleman? I don’t see one here…


This is why I still enjoy the thread :rofl:


I feel like some of the magic that used to draw me to this forum is growing thin. I agree there should be tighter moderation, there’s so many other places on the internet where you can be clowns, can we just talk about Huel on here for a change please?

I remember when it was all about nutrition, reviewing new products, and supporting each other’s experiences with Huel. Now every thread seems to get derailed by trolling and arguments


I think that, like any comedian, a few of his jokes fall flat, but he regularly and often makes me laugh out loud and he is one of the reasons I keep coming back to this forum.

It’s quite clear that this thread isn’t about nutrition and you don’t have to read threads that don’t interest you. You never know where the fun will be though, so I read most of them.


There are plenty of threads that do just that. Many of the same questions too. There are only so many times you can read the same questions without losing interest. Soon be Brexit, s you’ll have something to make you smile again, Ryan.


I think the world needs to be more lighthearted at times, it is a miserable place, and I suspect that a higher percentage of Huel users feel the pressures of life than the general public. I mean who in their right mind would want to choose a diet of cold gruel? Even Oliver liked his hot.

I too read most of the threads, and there are some jokers, and I like that.


I think there is just the right amount of moderation here and can see nothing wrong in a bit of light hearted banter, good humour and a derailing or two. I am often reduced to tears of laughter and that’s good in my book. There is plenty of serious stuff too. A good mix, a good balance imo.


Only because Tim has had a breakdown because of us and gone off skiing…


I think you may have a point there :crazy_face: :skier: