Just a regular thread


@VenusFly please don’t, this forum needs a few sane people here and there :crazy_face:


Eh? Sane? Eh? Eh? Oops sorry, having a moment here, Ryan :woozy_face::upside_down_face::dizzy_face:


Must be all that Huel where drinking sending us loopy lol not a good advertisement for Huel if the forum has lost the plot :crazy_face::flushed::lying_face::see_no_evil:


Thanks for the support @RyanT :kissing_heart:

I shouldn’t have made the comments I did towards Hunzas above, it’s not appropriate & abuse of what this forum should be for. But I get really sick of him cos I think he’s a snide little bully who thinks he’s cock of the walk on this forum.

It’s not just our little ‘feud’, I’ve seen his shitty responses to new members, trying to get a cheap laugh… I wonder how many people he has put off from posting? No matter how many times @TimOfficialHuel intervenes, eventually he reverts back to being a t*t… Because he keeps being allowed to get away with it.

Off topic, but not: I don’t get what relevance this thread has to the huel community other than to strengthen a weird little clique. And I’m sorry I’ve taken part in it & been abusive towards another member… I lost my temper, but I don’t think I’m the only one who needs to reflect on what they are posting here.


I hope Tim spanks you.


This thread was a bit of fun at the weekend. Even James Collier posted in it and he part owns the company so I think you are getting a little on your high horse.

The personal issue with you and hunzas is a separate thing all together.


True Coup & guess I am… I still think it’s a bit weird tho! The post James responded to was funny, but the rest of it is like… :thinking:


It makes me moist.


It did go a bit off the wall and I said as much somewhere in it but there’s no need to take it so seriously.


You’re an annoying little fly that makes me snap!! But I’ve seen you be a genuine d*ck to ppl (not just me) too many times.


I’m on day 4 of giving up smoking after 21 years @Coup… Not really an excuse for me to be a dick as well, but it’s why my blood is boiling so easily!!


I didn’t think you were old enough to smoke.


Good luck, trying to smoke less than I did but not ready to stop yet.
Too much on my mind, hard to stay away like that.

@hunzas is providing an odd kind of entertainment :stuck_out_tongue:
I’d have to look it up, but he’s actually (acting like) a nice guy to new members :rofl:


I am a nice guy. Just because one person doesn’t have a sense of humour and gets insulted/affronted/upset by everything I post doesn’t mean I’m a dick. If it doesn’t want to interact with me, why does it reply with an inflammatory statement and then get dumb when I reply to it. Makes no sense. Nor does its bullying of Tim because it thinks he doesn’t deal with me appropriately. He does.


Don’t bother, being on this forum for little over a month is enough to know that already :wink:
Actually, the first few new member threads I came across proved my statement already.

Actual, decent response.


I do have a weird humour but I am not genuinely nasty to people. I might sometimes give unhelpful answers on occasiins but don’t bully people.


As a relative newbie I can’t say I agree with @VenusFly either. For some reason she gets wound up by @hunzas but he’s generally quite amusing as I see it.

I don’t comment that often, but I think there’s only one really inappropriate thread…and I can’t say that he even sets foot in that one, which shows some restraint.


I tried cutting down loads of times, this is the first time ever I’ve resolved to completely quit & it’s much easier to never give in to your cravings (which disappear fast when u don’t indulge them, I’m surprised to have found!) than it is to try & manage them, & debate with yourself exactly when & how many times a day you’re gonna give in. The mood swings will settle down shortly I’m sure!

Bullying of Tim!!! :joy::joy::joy: This actually did make me laugh so congrats!

Oooh controversial!! I think I know which thread you mean as well… & yeah I wonder sometimes too… But a lot of ‘quirks’ seem to be tolerated here so :woman_shrugging:… If you’re talking about the thread I’m thinking of, it seems to have a lot of lurkers who come forward to offer support & who have followed for a long time. The moderation here does seem to have a very light touch though… I imagine this will change with time.


I can’t wait! Maybe you are perimenopausal too. I can help with that if you like. [Joke.]


Mate, just cos I don’t think you’re funny… You need to give up now!