Just a regular thread


The Real Tim Shady ? :stuck_out_tongue:


No, it’s my Tinder pic, managed to snare someone called Venus Fly already, so she clearly has the best taste in men.


Resistance is futile!


Bee for Borg :robot:


Ha is that Tim? lol good one @Bee


Bee and Tim have been assimilated into the hive mind (oops I mean Collective)


I would like to use a quote from Mr. Wolf in Pulp Fiction…

"Well, let’s not start … quite yet


Jules : No, Mr Wolf , it ain’t like that, your help is definitely appreciated.
Vincent : I don’t mean any disrespect, I just don’t like people barking orders at me.
The Wolf : If I’m curt with you it’s because time is a factor. I think fast, I talk fast and I need you guys to act fast if you wanna get out of this.


Sorry to tell you but you’ve been catfished there! Would literally rather stick pins in my eyes than entertain you in that way…


Is that because it would last longer?


Yes indeed


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Play nicely now. What will Tim think?


Bee I don’t care if I get banned, am done with this forum & some of the absolute weirdos herein.


Just a bit of fun methinks.


So you respond to my post yesterday in a snarky manner; I respond with my usual wit and charm, you get offended. Who is the weirdo?

Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.


Should we be the new Borg forum security now @Bee :sunglasses: or shall we just man ( excuse the pun, not being sexist ) the lounge doors to stop undesirables in…


Why did everyone change profile pictures at once
What kind of sorcery is that???


Hmmm perhaps they could be assimilated…


It’s your fault @Squizzle. You said resistance was futile.