Just ordered my first load

After a few weeks of research and a payday, I’ve just order my first load of Huel. I’ve gone for the UU Huel and a pack of the chocolate flavour powder as well.

Currently plan is 3 times a day at 6:30am, 2:30pm and 7:30pm. I’ll have 2 solid meals at 7:30am and 10:30am before seeing if I can replace the 10:30 meal with Huel, at the moment though I’m looking at getting 1500cals from Huel with the 3 meals and seeing how my weight and body fat goes over the next few weeks with that and also my stomach.

I’ll keep this post updated every chance I get but as of last Saturday I was 202.8lbs body weight and 10.4% body fat.

Just a quick before picture, my goal is to drop my body fat a little but pack on a bit of lean weight.

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Arrived on time and tried my first batch this evening after a good swim.

122g with 500ml skimmed milk and 100ml of water. Plain, it tasted like trying to drink very thick Yorkshire pudding batter. With a tea spoon of chocolate flavour, still didn’t taste very chocolatey, so tomorrow morning it’ll be water and a good heaped spoonful if chocolate powder.

Just a little update, I won’t do any weight or measurements today so got to wait till Saturday morning I’m afraid.

Upped my Huel to a full 2000calories this week which is 4x122g U/U shakes with water. I also have a slice of whole meal toast, steamed chicken breast and then some spinach, etc, for breakfast as well and an apple and other fruit throughout the day.

So far so good, no issues with my stomach and everything seems to be all going absolutely fine. Had absolutely no issues with weakness or lack of energy either which was another big worry but I do still get a little hungry, especially right before bed so tonight I’m going to try splitting the evening shake in 2 and having 1 just before bed, just as a way to eat something rather than fighting the temptation to grab a biscuit.

Taste of the U/U mix is as bland as can be, presume that was the idea, but it essentially tastes like if you can imagine drinking Yorkshire pudding or pancake batter. The chocolate flavouring that I got with it ran out so quickly and didn’t do much at all to the flavour, I was expecting something similar to a chocolate protein shake, what I ended up with was a mixture that tasted like pancake batter that’s had a tiny bit of chocolate powder fall into it, even with 2 teaspoons of chocolate powder, you still couldn’t taste the chocolate at all and that’s after a good blend.

Will be ordering a couple of bags of Vanilla today to see how I get on with that taste.

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Hey there, it’s great to have you on board and thanks for choosing Huel. Looking forward to your updates and progress - keep us updated!

Thank you, got to admit that the Vanilla is definitely a lot more enjoyable :). Need to order in bigger batches though next time :).