Just U/U and water - anyone?

I am wondering whether there is someone here who lives on 100% Huel Unsweetened/Unflavoured and water only…and if this is the case how long you"ve been doing that.

Do you think this would be a good way of living?

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I do, on occasion use UU and water. I do not consume Huel 100% of the time. However I find the taste acceptable and palatable but I use original, flavouring and additional fruit to UU for variety.

UU and water is the real deal.

One here :raised_hand:


You live on 100% plain UU and water and nothing else, not even another drink? Really nothing else?

My dear respect…especially for getting along without hot drinks in winter…

you have to have other fluids - especially lots of extra water - with any high fibre diet including Huel. When people refer to being 100% Huel they are talking about the food only component of their diet.

Yes. Huel U/U for 100% of my calories, and water only. 5 years. It works.


I don’t think I could do it…unless I had to!

@ rikefrejut:

I owe you respect…you live without any flavour at all? Did you go cold turkey or was it a gradual change? Do you drink hot water, or how can you get along without hot drinks in winter? Did you have problems like coffeine withdrawal; or cravings for whatever it is that you liked before?
And how do you keep up spirit?

Do you have some advice?
Thanks in advance!

No need for respect, it’s just food.

U/U still has a flavour, it’s just not sweet.

Cold turkey. Initially I made a decision to try it for 30 days, and at the end I saw it works so I stuck with it.

No hot water.

I like winter and cold temperatures.

I still have caffeine powder & pills - that doesn’t count as calories though.

No cravings for any food/drink. Even before Huel I only drank water and no alcohol. Food-wise I just ate healthy but was never in love with any food - it’s just a necessity of life.

By using the time saved through Huel to do the things I actually want to be doing as opposed to need to be doing.

Don’t view eating Huel as depriving yourself of anything. If you think you’re depriving yourself of something, you will not stick with Huel (or any diet, or any activity for that matter).


Last time I checked I could do it only for about 6 weeks. Then it got so boring that I lost all appetite and started feeling resistance against it. As I would with any other single food day in, day out.

Do you use v3 or Black Edition U/U?

The main challenge is getting along without good drinks…and without hot drinks. I feel that it gives some form of energy that cannot be attained otherwise…although striktly speaking this might be some form of illusion or prejudice.

Wish I could be like you. Do you think you’re just “lucky” with your preferences or was there a time when this was different and you enjoyed certain things instead of just seeing the function of everything?

I have used U/U for 80% of my calories for 3 years. Most recently I use v3 for training days and Black for rest days.

I prefer the natural flavour of U/U to any of the flavoured versions.

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How do you like Black Edition U/U?

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I like it. Has a lightly sweet flavour from the extra pea protein, but not unpleasant.

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Do you feel any difference in your body, energy or absoption in White vs Black edition as a daily meal?

Anecdotally, last week I had black for most meals, felt stronger/leaner, but with less energy.

Based on the macro balance I am aiming for, white on training days seems a better ratio of protein and carbs. Where as black allows me to hit a lower calorie target on rest days and still hit my protein requirements.

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Are you on 100% Huel?

About 80%

I am 100% 4-5 day a week, and breakfast and lunch at weekends.

Just having unflavoured/unsweetened Huel and water only is what I want to do in the new year.
I am on a liquid diet, but I am struggling to just have water as the only drink. Another problem is, that UU is not really delicious without flavour additions. Of course those don’t contain a relevant amount calories, but that is not why I would really like to live that way.

@ rikefrejut:
I really wonder how you did it - did you change gradually, or did you go “cold turkey”? What was your nutrition like before? Was it easy to change? Was there something that you enjoyed? It would really be great if I could find a way to be as disciplined as you are.

Cold turkey.

I can’t really remember anymore. It was ok, but far from perfect. Lots of beans, rice, pasta and whatever else was easy to make and did not require time/attention. Occasional meat because it was a hassle. Milk & yogurt in the morning (and then wondering why I felt bad later, hello lactose intolerance…). Very rarely eggs because they make a mess. Some mediocre multivitamin to feel good.

Very easy. Stop eating what I was eating before, start eating Huel.

Food was always an inconvenience for me, never liked it.

I say this again, this has nothing to do with discipline for me. Huel saves me so much time and is the most convenient way of getting good nutrition. It’s like saying it requires discipline to have a personal chef.