Keto bars - a gap in the market

It looks like there are very few options on the market for people wanting to buy keto bars.

It would be awesome if there was a Huel equivalent of these:

These ones are too small and too expensive considering their size. Thus my wish for Huel to consider making keto versions of their upcoming bars. It could be quite profitable as there seems to be a gap in the market.

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Thank you for the suggestion. We certainly are considering a solid form of Huel however these won’t be in the form of a Keto diet framework. We don’t feel there is enough evidence to support a keto diet for weight loss/performance enhancement, but only to aid certain medical circumstances, like epilepsy, therefore we won’t be considering a keto version of Huel.

Also, the dietary information is wrong on their website, they say each bar contains 2g of carbohydrate but looking at their nutritional info they say there is 6g, possibly something to do with the classification of fibre, but still confusing. Eating a day of these bars would put you well above the limit of carbohydrate (20g of CHO).

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