Hi can anyone tell me how to use Klarna as a payment option?

It isn’t presented at the checkout and searching for huel through Klarna only brings up an option through Amazon which isn’t what I’m hoping for.

Also I’ve 2/3 bag which has been in my kitchen cupboard for a while is it still ok to use. I’m keen to get back on it and payday isn’t til 31st haha

Is a while a week, a month, a year? What’s the date on the bag? Has it been sealed and dry.

and what temperature is your kitchen at? mine’s like a refrigerator these days.

No idea about Klarna tho’, whatever that is.

Hey there!

You can find Klarna as a payment option at checkout, and it is only available for one-time orders. Paying with Klarna gives you the ability to choose from one of the options: pay in 3 terms and pay in 30 days (pay later).

To clarify, Klarna is available for orders placed in the UK, US, Sweeden, and Germany. If you’re unable to find this option at checkout, could you please take a screenshot and send it over to us at team@huel.com?

Regarding your open pouch, the shelf life of Huel Powders is three months, and Hot & Savour is one month after opening. Having said that, if your pouch has been opened for longer than this and kept in dry, cool conditions, your Huel should be safe to eat but there are no guarantees and the nutrition will not be optimum.

Hope this helps!

Hi guys thanks for your answers. I reckon it must have been there since may last year. The best before is October 22.

I think I’ll leave that one and start afresh!

Thanks for your answers and the Klarna info much appreciated

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No worries at all!

Here to help if you have any other questions :grinning:

I really dislike the idea of Klarna on here @Dan_Huel, imagine people going into debt to buy food :frowning: