Would it be possible to make a lower carb higher fat Huel so we can all jump on the Keto/Paleo Bandwagon? Cos i cant possibly afford or be bothered to eat/prep avocados and “grass fed” jazzy fizzle bojangles every day.

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There are recipes on here and adjustments you can make, or alternative products you can buy.

James has stated numerous times this is not on the agenda at all and likely won’t be, which I completely get. Never understood the whole vibe around keto, just seems like a bizarre fad!

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In my case, Huel has been great for calorie control and either weight loss or maintenance, just as it is.

Yeh i understand. Huel is more a vegan ting then a meat/fat lover’s thing. Its just cheaper than buying loads of beef jerky and more nutritional of course. Still better than making a sandwich everyday. And i love the Original Vanilla taste. I need to stop watching that Sixpackabs dude on youtube :rofl:

You do realise avocados are a staple of the stereotypical vegan diet right?

I assume they just eat twigs and leaves…


I meant rather than a meat/fat lovers thing. What you getting at anyway?

Just a very strange way to word it - Being vegan and having a fat heavy diet are not mutually exclusive.

I’m not vegan. I was just agreeing with you by saying Huel is more a vegan thing rather than a meat…blah blah :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Why am i getting into an online argument fml.

We don’t argue in here, we just have loud discussions :wink: